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Welcome To Eden- Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Welcome To Eden Season 2 follows from the end of the previous season where our main characters, Zoa and Charly tried to escape from the secret island of Eden. Created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López. Starring Amaia Aberasturi, Belinda Peregrín and Diego Garisa.

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Welcome to Eden - Season 2 Episode 1 Summary & Recap

Still stuck in Eden

Continuing from where we left off in Season 1, Zoa who tried to swim to the boat for her escape, ended up seeing her sister, Gabi among the newcomers to Eden. Worried for Gabi, Zoa backpedaled back to the island, only to be caught by Nico. Nico drugged her but was loyal enough to Zoa that he did not reveal her plan to escape. Zoa was also smart enough to try to get Nico on her side when she woke up. Cautious, Nico reminded Zoa that he doesn’t trust her, but still paraded Zoa around Bel.

As for Bel, she was concerned for Zoa when she saw that Zoa did not manage to escape. But Zoa was quick to explain about the reason she came back. In fact, the next morning, it was revealed that only two participants were selected to stay in Eden this time- a girl named Som and Gabi, who now goes by Molly.

Zoa quickly reconnected with Gabi and, when the two sisters had some private time, Zoa gave Gabi the full down low on Eden and why they need to escape. In order not to attract attention from Astrid, the two sisters agreed to pretend that they do not know each other.

Zoa had also heard from Nico that Charly managed to get on the boat. Therefore, she had hopes that Charly would manage to get help from outside. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. Charly got onto another boat, only to realize that it was a boat full of Eden members. He got caught instead.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Season 2 Episode 1
All Eden residents lined up to be questioned by Rank 2 officers. Photo: Netflix

Ulises death

Meanwhile, tensions were high in Eden that morning as Astrid and Brenda had found Ulises’s body. Rank 2 Eden soldiers intimidated the members of Eden, and all the of this made Ibón feel extremely guilty. One of the officers, Danae, eventually handpicked a few people to a private warehouse. Among these people were Ibón and Eloy.

Danae played a game of Russian Roulette with the handpicked people. However, right before Eloy’s turn, Ibón stopped her and Eva arrived. Eva sold out Eloy as the person who killed Ulises and so, Ibón and the rest were set free.

Astrid (Amaia Salamanca), on the other hand, was displeased by how Brenda failed her multiple times. She then cold heartedly killed Brenda, and made another officer named Joel her personal security. Moreover, Alma was tasked to replace Brenda. She was given the device Brenda previously held- the gun that kills people by punching a hole through their head.

Africa's fate

Meanwhile, África was now locked up by Astrid after having sent a signal to outer space at the end of Season 1. Astrid did not bother to hide her disdain for the previous singer, and even taunted her several times.

When Erick came back from visiting Isaac, Astrid gave him the down low on África. It seemed like Erick was extremely disheartened by how África was kept in the cage, but it also seemed like he couldn’t do anything about it. According to Erik, the satellite signal was to communicate with New Eden, a place outside planet Earth. The Eden here is just a “rehearsal”. Hearing all this, África thought all of this was crazy, but dhr was more frustrated by the fact that Erick wouldn’t help her get out.

The episode ended with a few things happening. Charly was thrown into the cage with África, and Mayka couldn’t help but just watch from the camera. Meanwhile, Ibón came clean to Alma that he was the one who murdered Ulises. Alma was supposed to execute Eloy the next day. So, she is now faced with a tough decision.


Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • Before Eva sold out Eloy, she actually recommended Bel to sell Eloy out first. This is so that Bel can get more trust in the organization and perhaps get promoted. However, Bel did not want to do so, as Eloy was her close friend.
  • Eva seemed to have a past relationship with Joel. They rekindled their relationship.
  • It was indicated that Som’s parents once did Astrid and Erick dirty in the past.

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