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Who Were We Running From? – Episode 1 Recap

Scene from Who Were We Running From Episode 1 to illustrate recap

Who Were We Running From? or Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne? is a Turkish mystery seried cetred around a mother-daughter duo on the run. It is based on the novel of the same name by Perihan Mağden. Starring Melisa Sözen, Eylül Tumbar, and Musa Uzunlar.

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Who Were We Running From? - Episode 1 Summary & Recap

Checking in the hotel

The episode started off with the mother (Melisa Sözen) picking up a cell at night. The receptionist warned her that the police wanted to see her, so Mother immediately woke up her daughter, which she calls Bambi (Eylül Tumbar).

In the next scene, Bambi seems more grown up but is still dressed like a child. Mother and Bambi walked into a high-class hotel and requested the best room. Mother paid in cash to stay in the hotel for a month. Their presence alerted many people in the hotel. The receptionist was quick to notice that they did not have any luggage, only small bags and boxes of supposed laundry. Meanwhile, a group of old ladies found Bambi’s eyes really pretty. However, Mother tries to ignore them.

The next day, Mother felt tired as they did not have a book. Bambi suggested that they go to a nearby bookstore but promised to be careful. At the bookstore, Mother found a model car which is the same as her father’s car model. The mother-daughter duo stole it from the bookstore, brought it to the beach and tried to burn it. Mother also implied that her father is a malicious person.


Mother and Bambi found a model car in the bookshop. Photo: Netflix

Causing a ruckus

Their actions were continuously observed by the hotel staff. As Mother and Bambi never let anyone into their room, even for housekeeping, the hotel staff were curious about what was inside the room. They then made a plan to sneak into the room once Mother and Bambi went out for dinner. 

Mother and Bambi usually had their dinner in the room, but they eventually decided to go for dinner at the restaurant  in the hotel. At the restaurant, Mother and Bambi were sat at a small table, which Mother felt was an insult. Most people had bigger tables. She made a scene in front of the headwaiter by pulling off the table cloth, causing all the plates and cutleries to drop.

Seeing what had transpired, the hotel owner approached Mother. He asked Mother to leave, but Mother told him she planned to check out anyway. Then, he mentioned that Mother had a “freak daughter”, which mother found very unpleasing. Next thing we know, the hotel owner was feeding his fish back in his room, and someone entered the room. It wasn’t clear who that person is.

Mother "teaching" the headwaiter a lesson. Photo: Netflix

On the move

In the toilet, Mother bumped into a distant relative that recognized her. This made Mother really scared and she asked Bambi to leave the hotel with her immediately. The two of them caused a fake fire hazard so that they could slip off into a taxi to the bus station. There, they took a bus to an unknown location.

The hotel staff managed to look into the room and found the room heavily decorated with frills, lights and dolls. It was as if Mother and Bambi turned the hotel room into their own house. The hotel staff were stunned. 

However, a disturbing thing took place. The hotel owner was found dead nearby his fish tank. His finger was severed and placed inside the aquarium. It was not clear who the culprit is.

Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • Mother is always dressed in black. A hotel worker theorized that it was to draw away attention from herself.
  • Mother timed Bambi when she swam in the hotel pool.

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