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Pieces Of Her: Episode 2 Recap

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 2

Pieces Of Her follows Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) as she discovers her mother, Laura’s (Toni Collette) past. In episode 1, Andy was instructed by Laura to leave Belle Isle for Maine after Andy knocked out Laura’s attacker.

Pieces Of Her: Episode 2 Summary

Andy follows Laura's instructions

In episode 2, Andy makes her way towards Carrollton . She looked extremely nervous and people around her such as the petrol station cashier and librarian noticed her tense demeanor. In the library where she printed directions to Maine, she noticed a man looking inside her vehicle (the car of the man who assaulted Laura). Fearful, Andy ran away through the fire exit and made her way to the Get Em Go which happened to be nearby.

In storage 320 was a Toyota Camry where Andy discovered a gun and a vehicle registration document that stated the car belongs to Daniela Cooper. In the car boot, she found a briefcase full of money and an envelope containing multiple identity cards with her mother’s photos but with different names, including one  belonging to Daniela Cooper. There was also a photo of Laura in her younger days with a large wound on her back. Andy once asked her mother about her shoulder, but Laura told her that it was from a bike accident. 

Scene from Pieces Of Her Episode 2
Andy found a photo of her mother with a wound on her back and shoulder. Photo: Netflix

Laura agrees to an appearance in media

The morning after the assault, Laura was interviewed by the police about the incident at the restaurant. Laura had told the police the previous night that she was seeing things. She saw a man and alerted the police for no reason . It also turns out that attacker from the previous night was not dead after Andy’s hit. Laura and Gordon planned to get in touch with the attacker’s boss but the attacker did due to seizures on the way. Gordon told Laura that he would take care of the body.

Laura went back and cleaned the entire house. She was also visited by a man named Charlie who express concerns about Laura and Andy. At night, Laura went to the media team camping outside her house and told them she would like to make a statement. The condition is that the interview will be broadcasted nationwide and in whole, without any edits.

Scene from Pieces Of Her Episode 2
Laura got Gordon's help to handle the attacker. Photo: Netflix

Andy meets Jack

As the journey to Maine would take a while, Andy decided to take shelter at a motel on the way. At night, she went to a local pub and met Jack, a man who used knows how to use a gun well. Andy wanted to feel safe and therefore, learnt how to shoot from Jack.

After their shooting lesson, Andy walked Jack to his car which is next to her motel. There was some form of chemistry between the two before Andy noticed that the chain inside Jack’s car is similar to one parked outside her neighborhood when she was busy looking for her mother’s attacker’s car. Andy realized that Jack had been following her from Belle Isle, quickly ended their conversation and went back to the motel room. She loaded her gun in anticipation of any attack that night.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • A man named Charlie visited Laura after he heard the news about the incident. They seem to have known each other for a long time and Charlie seemed genuinely worried about Laura and Andy. However, Laura refused to disclose much and suggested that they find some other time to talk.
  • Laura had flashbacks about a shooting at the International Economic Forum.

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