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Pieces Of Her: Episode 3 Recap

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 3

Pieces Of Her follows Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) as she discovers her mother, Laura’s (Toni Collette) past. In episode 2, Andy found out about that Jake is secretly tailing her and she needs to escape.

Pieces Of Her: Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Laura pleads for truce

In her television segment, Laura used the opportunity to send her enemy a message. Behind cryptic messages calling for truce and for people to end the senseless violence, she tried to reach out. We saw a man watching Laura’s message via TV but was angered by her message. Later in the day, a man in a suit arrived in Laura’s home. He claimed to be working for someone in San Francisco (which Laura knew) and offered Laura safety and support outside the country. When Laura declined his help, he threatened to “take care” of her daughter. 

After the meeting, Laura prepared some whisky while watching the news. Quellcorp CEO, Jasper Queller was being tipped as a running contestant for Vice President beside Senator Shepard. in the interview, Jasper Queller spoke about his father’s death and it was mentioned that a man named Nick Harp who was behind his father’s murder is still a fugitive. Laura then made a phone call to “Nick”, who referred to Laura as “Jane”.

Scene from Pieces Of Her Episode 3 used to depict recap
Laura nervous about her appearance on TV. Photo: Netflix

Andy finds out that more people are lying

Meanwhile, Andy prepared to leave the motel the next morning. She chose to desert her car and walked to the nearby town. Jake, on the other hand, was watching her from another motel room. Andy purchased a car for $6,500 at a used car shop and drove to Alabama to see Charlie. 

It is revealed that Andy knew Charlie since childhood. Charlie is a family friend who painted her bedroom wall and even attended Andy’s graduation. However, during her visit, Andy noticed that Charlie was also lying to her. Charlie knew she came from Carrollton despite Andy never mentioning that. To top it all of, Charlie claimed he was never married, but Andy found photos of Charlie with his family hidden inside the drawers. Andy bolted out of the door.

Scene from Pieces Of Her Episode 3 used to depict recap
Andy borrowed an iPad from a stranger to research Paula. Photo: Netflix

At a gas station, Andy called Gordon on the phone and angrily slammed him for lying to her. Gordon admitted that Charlie is not who he said he is but refused to continue the conversation on the phone. He wanted to pick her up and discuss in person instead. After Andy slammed the phone, Gordon headed over to Laura’s to tell her that Andy went to Charlie.

Then, Andy decided to research about “Paula Koontz”, a name she heard Laura mentioned to the attacker in episode 1. Andy went to a children indoor park and borrowed an iPad from a stranger. She managed to find a “Paula Kunde” who died and some details before she was asked to return the iPad. Paula Kunde was a member of the Army Of The Changing World founded by Nick Harp and was linked to the 1988 International Economic Forum. There were also articles stating that Paula Kunde received eighty-year sentence for the assassination of pharmaceutical tycoon, Martin Queller in 1988.


Before leaving the indoor park, Laura called Andy but refused to discuss the matter over phone. Andy then suggested that she head home to Belle Isle without stopping, to which Laura agreed. Visibly angry at heer mother’s lies, Andy refused to pick up Laura’s calls on the way home.

However, Andy did not go straight home. She stopped at a law office to look for Geraldine Ross, Paula Kunde’s lawyer. Unfortunately, Andy could not get an appointment until three weeks. Therefore, she stole one of the employee’s IDs and dressed herself to impersonate her. Jack who had been following Andy, searched through her car but only found money in the car boot.

Laura, on the other hand, was stopped by Charlie in the middle of the road.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Laura had a flashback where her own mother, Annette tried to take her three children away to “a big lake” where she grew up, but was stopped by her husband, Martin. Annette threatened to run Martin over by car, but her son unlocked the car door and Martin helped bring them back into the house.

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