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Red Rose – Episode 1 Recap

Red Rose is a British horror thriller series created by Michael and Paul Clarkson. It revolves around a group of friends whose friendship changed after one of them downloaded the Red Rose app. Starring Amelia Clarkson, Isis Hainsworth, and Natalie Blair.

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Red Rose - Episode 1 Summary & Recap


The series starts with Ashley who just arrived home on a winter night. Her mum had called and told her that she would be late, but Ashley started hearing her mum calling her from somewhere in the house. The electrical items also started going on and off on their own, leaving Ashley extremely scared. Worse of all, on the TV was a live video of herself, except that there was an additional apparition next to her. All these drove Ashley to death once her mother returned. It wasn’t clear whether it was suicide or murder.

6 months later in Bolton, we meet a group of teenage friends who are celebrating their last day of school before summer vacation. The pseudo group leader is Rochelle “Roch” Mason (Isis Hainsworth), an angsty teenage girl who is best friends with Wren Davies (Amelia Clarkson). In their group is also Ashley Bannister (Natalie Blair), Noah Royston (Harry Redding) and Anthony Longwell (Ellis Howard).


Roch and her group of friends. Photo: Netflix

Red Rose

Roch is not from a wealthy family, and there are people who judge her for it. She found out on that day that she wasn’t invited to Becky Fox’s house party because the guest needs to dress up. Nevertheless, Wren got Roch an invite.

A few moments later, Roch saw Wren and Noah kissing at the phone booth. She left them and went to find some place alone. Then, she got a message from Becky, linking her to download an app called Red Rose. Roch did not think too much and downloaded it.

The next day, the app started chatting with Roch, asking if she needs help. Initially, Roch declined, but when the app asked once again, Roch agreed. The Red Rose app then asked Roch to write her three wishes on a mirror with a lipstick, and so Roch wrote down that she wanted wealth, power and respect.

Little did Roch know, she was soon given new clothes to wear to Becky Fox’s party and was thrilled. When she met up with her friends later, Roch appeared visibly annoyed by Noah and wren’s relationship. She announced it to everyone even though Wren told her that they themselves were not defining the relationship yet. Worse of all, Roch demanded that Wren kissed Noah in front of everyone. This drove a wedge between Roch and Wren.

The app gave Roch instructions to follow. Photo: Netflix

Dangerous app

After that, the app started to show its true colors. It started showing Roch apparition of her late mother, Gloria through the phone camera. The app claims that even though she asked for wealth, power and respect, Roch actually wants her mom. 

Then, the app started interfering with Roch’s phone. Out of spite, Roch revealed to Wren’s mother that Wren had been seeing her father, Rick. This upset Wren, but she tried to patch things up with Roch regardless. However, Roch received a completely different message, presumably due to the app hijacking her entire phone.

Roch was supposed to take care of her twin sister on the evening of Becky Fox’s party. However, the app had sent her a message from “Wren” asking to meet up; so, she left the twins at home.

Scene from Red Rose Episode 1 to illustrate recap.
Roch's phone sends and receives messages that weren't sent.

Party turned sour

At Becky Fox’s party, the app asked Roch to kiss Noah. When Roch declined, an electrical outage happened and during that moment, the screen showed a video of Roch lining up to get food. The other people at the party did not recognize Roch as she was covering her face with a hoodie, but Roch knew it was a threat. Therefore, left we no choice, she kissed Noah and it was captured on camera for the other guest and Wren to see.

Embarrassed that Wren saw them, Roch immediately head home. But red Rose is still not done. The app then sent a video of Roch’s twin sisters looking outside the window with the apparition of Gloria behind them. 

Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • Electrical outages or interferences usually happens when the Red Rose app displays something or request Roch to do something.
  • Roch can be quite mean to other students. The first day of summer holidays, she and her friends bumped into another student, Jaya, and Roch made fun of her.
  • At the party, Becky Fox claimed that she did not send Roch any message about a Red Rose app.
  • All Roch’s friends got a job during summer except for Roch, because she needed to take care of her twin sisters.

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