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Tell Me Lies- Episode 2 Recap

Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 2

In the premiere episode of Tell Me Lies, we saw how Lucy and Stephen met in Freshman Week of Baird College. Despite still wanting to patch things up with his ex-girlfriend, Diana, Stephen flirted with Lucy and asked her on a date. Lucy’s roommate, Macy passed away in a drunken accident.

Tell Me Lies (2022) is a romance drama series based on the novel by Carola Lovering. It tells the story of a coming-of-age toxic love between Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) during their college days.

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Tell Me Lies - Episode 2 Summary & Recap


Drew told Stephen and Wrigley what happened the night of Macy’s accident. He was drunk and went to get a round of beers. On the way back, he nearly collided with another car but the car swerved and crashed. The car was Macy’s. Instead of reporting to the police or calling an ambulance, Drew fled the scene. As Drew was visibly shaken, Stephen consoled him by telling him that accidents happened. But Stephen took it a step further by telling Drew to keep quiet as no one had to know.

The next day at college, Stephen still tried to win Diana over by giving her a very public compliment in class. Diana was charmed but told Stephen that her friends would flip if they were to find out that both of them were talking again. After his conversation with Diana, Stephen asked Lucy for a date that very night. Meanwhile, Lucy struggled with everyone’s expectation on her to grieve for Macy’s death. Macy’s parents even came to pack up Macy’s belongings and they took quite a liking to Lucy, enough so as to leave Macy’s makeup with Lucy. Struggling with her emotions, Lucy accepted the dinner date.

Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 2
Stephen asked Drew to not tell anyone about Macy's accident. Photo: Hulu

Two timing

Initially, during the dinner date, Lucy and Stephen really hit things off. They understand each others’ frustrations and sneaked a few kisses here and there. However, things turned sour when Stephen’s mom called him and it seemed like she was facing some difficulties. Details were not revealed but Stephen was visibly upset by the call and ended the date early. After dropping Lucy back at her place, Stephen quickly headed over to Diana’s.

Diana seemed to know the complications surrounding Stephen’s mom. Later that night, Diana and Stephen got cozy and attempted to have sex, but Stephen couldn’t. He then blamed it on Diana for stopping him midway the last time. The two then got into an argument. Angry, Diana asked him to get out.

The same night, Bree and Pippa came over to Lucy’s place to smoke Macy’s leftover weed. Lucy admitted to Bree and Pippa that she was very confused by the date with Stephen. She did not like how he treated her at the end of the date. Frustrated, Lucy then deleted Stephen’s number.

Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 2
Stephen went to Diana's place right after his date with Lucy.


Few days later, Diana came up to Wrigley’s friends’ lunch table and reminded Wrigley to invite people to her fundraiser party. There, Lucy found out that Diana was Stephen’s ex-girlfriend. Lucy still seemed hung up on Stephen and hence, decided to go to the fundraiser with Bree and Pippa. Meanwhile, Stephen did not want to go to the fundraiser as he wanted to give her “a gift of absence”.

At the fundraiser, Diana came up to chat with Lucy and the two talked for a while. Diana revealed that the fundraiser is to provide education to children with incarcerated parents. Realizing that Diana was a genuinely nice person, Lucy got even more frustrated. She then left the party and headed over to Stephen’s. Lucy kissed him once he opened the door. One thing led to another and the two had sex.


Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 2
Pippa and Lucy gossiping about Diana at the fundraiser. Photo: Hulu

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Lucy is majoring in English while Stephen wants to be a lawyer.
  • Drew started ignoring Bree and therefore Bree started hanging out with Tim.
  • The night of the fundraiser, Stephen tried calling his mom but his mom did not pick up the phone.

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