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Tell Me Lies- Episode 4 Recap

Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 4

Episode 3 of Tell Me Lies ended with a revelation that Stephen is connected to Macy in some way. Lucy and Stephen agreed to not use condoms but Stephen had to use them with other women.

Tell Me Lies (2022) is a romance drama series based on the novel by Carola Lovering. It tells the story of a coming-of-age toxic love between Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) during their college days.

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Tell Me Lies - Episode 4 Summary & Recap


There was a college Halloween party where everyone goes in pairs. Stephen did not want to attend with Lucy because he has a big internship interview coming up. Instead, they hung out at Stephen’s place. At the party, Bree and Tim had sex, where Bree lost his virginity. Bree finds the whole experience underwhelming. In the morning, Lucy gave Stephen comfort that he would do well in his interview. When Evan, Stephen and Wrigley’s friend, walked in, Stephen lied to Lucy that Evan’s family allowed him to stay in their place in Tribeca for the interview. In actual fact, Stephen would be staying over at Diana’s parents’ place. 

 That same day, Bree posed as a nude model for an art class which Evan attended. At lunch, Lucy and Pippa asked Bree about her night with Tim. But Bree described the experience as “funny”.  Lucy commented that Tim is better for Bree than Drew, but Pippa stood up for Drew by saying that they should get over it. When Wrigley joined them, Wrigley accidentally commented that Diana and Stephen are both very driven people. He tried to make things better by saying that Lucy is more fun, which makes her better for Stephen. 

Nevertheless, Lucy took the comment seriously and approached her professor to find ways to improve in her academics. When the professor questioned Lucy about her sudden proactiveness, Lucy used Macy’s death as a cover up as to why she was distracted. 

Scene from Tell Me Lies
Bree telling Lucy and Pippa about her night with Tim.


When Bree and Tim tried to have sex again, Bree was uncomfortable when Tim asked for a blowjob. When Tim was about to penetrate her from the back, Bree asked to change positions a few times as she doesn’t feel good and “felt sore”. But Tim ignored her by telling her he preferred it that way and went ahead anyway. Bree did not feel good that morning and told Lucy that she wasn’t sure if she really likes Tim all that much. Lucy told Bree that when she was with Stephen, her body immediately knew. Although uncertain, Bree still rejected Drew when he just came over to apologize.

During his case study interview, Stephen first started off great. However, things get bad when he was caught in a lie where Stephen claimed to have gone to Paris and Rome. The interview went worse when Stephen got nervous and tried hitting on the interviewer. 

That night, Lucy, Pippa and Bree went to another party. Tim ignored Bree at the party and when asked, Tim revealed that he felt blindsided that Bree did not tell him that she was a virgin before. He said there was too much pressure and the two broke things off. Bree then proceeded to look for Drew to get confirmation about whether he liked her. Although he did not reveal about his involvement in Macy’s death, Drew told Bree that he really liked her and she was not the reason he was distracted. Bree gave him a handjob but told him that that could never happen again.

Scene from Tell Me Lies
Stephen fidgeting during the interview.


The same night, Stephen asked Lucy to come over to Diana’s parent’s house as he felt down. He hid all of Diana’s family photos beforehand. Then, when Lucy came over, Stephen lied to her by telling her that the interview went well. The two then had sex. After that, Lucy found a pack of condoms in Stephen’s belongings and made a fuss about Stephen not taking her to parties. This made Stephen angry and he countered that he took her on dates off campus which cost him a lot more. He revealed to Lucy that he came from a poor background and never even took a flight before, thus him spending money on Lucy shows how important she is to him. Lucy apologized.

Back in college, Lucy made up with Pippa by confronting Pippa about how Pippa had been acting weird. Pippa assured Lucy that they are still best friends. Then, Lucy admitted to Pippa and Bree that she’s going crazy because she knows Stephen is sleeping with other people. Pippa and Bree told her that she could do better and encouraged Lucy to reach out to Max, a guy she met with Bree at the bar. Bree told the girls about breaking up with Tim but she told them its because the sex wasn’t great. Lucy and Max agreed to go on a dinner date.

Meanwhile, Stephen told Diana the truth that he flunked the interview and Diana comforted him. That night, Lucy went over to Stephen’s place to apologize and found used condoms in his bathroom’s waste bin. This confirmed her suspicion that Stephen was sleeping with other people. However, she did not make a fuss this time and went back to bed with him.


Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 4
Diana consoled Stephen and asked him to look for other opportunities.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • Stephen was shown to be someone brash who does not take restrictions well. When Diana told Stephen not to touch an expensive painting in her father’s room, Stephen went ahead and touch it anyway.
  • Evan and Bree then struck a friendship. Evan told Bree that he broke up with Allie.

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