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Tell Me Lies- Episode 3 Recap

Scene from Tell Me Lies

The second episode of Tell Me Lies ended with Lucy and Stephen hooking up. Stephen had not proven to be trustworthy as he was still trying to get together with his ex, Diana. 

Tell Me Lies (2022) is a romance drama series based on the novel by Carola Lovering. It tells the story of a coming-of-age toxic love between Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) during their college days.

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Tell Me Lies - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Keeping things quiet

Wrigley kept having to check on Drew who was not disoriented after Macy’s death. At the same time, the school counselor reminded Wrigley that in order to continue playing football, he needs to pass his midterms. However, as Wrigley has learning disabilities, the counselor suggested that Wrigley declared it to get extra time for his midterms. Now, Wrigley started taking his studies more seriously.

Pippa and Wrigley continued seeing each other and having sex although they haven’t properly defined their relationship. Once after sleeping together, Wrigley who now needed to study told Pippa he was heading to the library, but Pippa found that odd as he was not the studious type. Pippa also saw Wrigley texting someone else and this made her believe that Wrigley was also sleeping with someone else. In truth, Wrigley was messaging Drew to ensure Drew was okay. 

Meanwhile, Lucy and Stephen continued to meet up to have sex. On one occasion, Lucy was looking for her hair tie in Stephen’s room and Stephen passed him a hair tie that belonged to someone else which he found near his bed. This then brought the two into an uncomfortable conversation about sleeping with other people. Stephen lied and told Lucy he was not sleeping with anyone else. But he told Lucy that he did not want to restrict her as Lucy should be having fun in her freshman year. 

Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 3
Stephen passed Lucy a hair tie that belonged to someone else.

Neon Party

Pippa was invited to a neon party alongside Wrigley, Drew and Stephen. At the party, Drew was his depressed and therefore, kept looking for alcohol to drown his sorrows. Pippa, on the other hand, wanted to play as the cool chick in front of Wrigley and so, she flirted openly with other guys in the party. This left Wrigley jealous and uncomfortable. 

Things took a turn when Drew ended up falling down the stairs after getting intoxicated. Hence, Wrigley, Stephen and Pippa had to take Drew home. Drew kept telling Wrigley and Stephen that he could not bear the guilt. Pippa could not understand what was happening and she blurted out that she knew Wrigley was sleeping with other girls. She was about to leave and so, Wrigley came clean to Pippa and told her that he was not with anyone else but was bothered by Drew’s situation. He explained how Drew was involved in Macy’s accident and asked Pippa to keep it a secret.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Bree went to another bar that night. There, Lucy hooked up with another man after Bree left to see Tim.

Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 3
Drew got injured at the neon party.


The next day, Stephen found out that he did not get the research assistant position that he wanted because the position went to Diana. Stephen then went to see Diana because he thought that was Diana’s way of getting his attention. But Diana explained that she wanted the position and is a better candidate than him. The two eventually had sex but ended up with another argument because Diana could not let go of Stephen’s previous affair.

Meanwhile, Pippa and Wrigley made up and Pippa agreed to keep the secret and stay by Wrigley’s side. Wrigley struggled with his tests as he could not finish the test in time.

Lucy tried to fish out details on whether Stephen was sleeping with someone else by discussing the topic of using condoms during intercourse. Stephen carefully maneuvered the conversation by telling her that if he would to sleep with someone else, he would use a condom with them. When Stephen headed back that night, Diana called to apologize for not letting things go. She wanted to continue hanging out with Stephen but by keeping it as a secret as she still needs time to figure things out.

The episode ended with Stephen looking through his personal photos. There were photos of him with Diana and also intimate photos of Macy.


Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 3
Lucy had a conversation with Stephen about not using protection.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Bree signed up as an art class model.
  • Pippa mentioned that she does not have a lot of girlfriends and the only one she has now are Bree and Lucy.

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