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The Night Agent – Episode 10 Recap & Ending

Scene from The Night Agent Episode 10 to illustrate recap

At the end of episode 9, all our characters were headed for Camp David, where VP Redfield planned to set off a bomb to kill the President and Omar Zadar.

The Night Agent - Episode 10 Summary & Recap

Tension building

As Chelsea got into the plane with Maddie, she noticed a few “new” agents joining their flight. They all brought heavy duty suitcases with them. When they got on Camp David, it turns out that the comms wasn’t working so Chelsea still could not get in touch with Ben Almora. VP Redfield and Maddie were escorted through a secret door into an underground room. There, Ashley Redfield asked Maddie to stay put as they would be safe there after everything is over.

Meanwhile, Chelsea was escorted by one of the new agent, Walter, into a room. At first, Chelsea was willing to wait, but she then realized that she was being kept there so that the bombing could happen. When Walter made a call and pressed the bomb timer activation button, Chelsea immediately got up. She then fought off Walter and the other “agents” to get free.

Diane Farr also managed to smuggle Peter and Rose into Camp David. At first, Diane bumped into Almora while Peter and Rose hid in the trunk. Diane tried to convince Almora that there was a bomb in Camp David, but Almora did not seem to believe her. That was until Nathan Briggs showed up and shot Diane from the back. Almora tackled Briggs and ended up getting shot too. Peter had no choice but to intervene, and so he made Briggs ran away by shooting at him repeatedly. 

Ashley Redfield tried to reason with Maddie on why he had to kill the President. Photo: Netflix


Rose and Peter then headed to the communication tower in hopes of repairing the comms. After fighting another “agent”, Peter left to try to warn the President while Rose restored comms. At the same time, Chelsea had already started finding for the bomb in the meeting building. Maddie threatened her father to let her go, otherwise she would report on her father’s involvement after everything is over. When Chelsea eventually found the bomb, there were few minutes left and all she could do was evacuate the remaining people and save Maddie.

The bomb blew up, but there was a Plan B to kill the President.  Peter arrived just in time before President Travers got on the helicopter. He threatened the President with a knife to her throat while everyone else panics. No one seemed to believe Peter when he told them that there is a bomb in the helicopter. 

Eventually, President Travers asked the team to check and just as they ran out warning people about the bomb, the bomb exploded. Thankfully, the President and Peter were not harmed. Maddie arrived just in time to support Peter’s innocence and told the truth about her father.

Rose confronted Diane about her involvement in her aunt and uncle's death. Photo: Netflix

Night agent

After the incident, the bad guys were presumably caught while Peter and Rose became national heroes. As a sign of gratitude, President Travers asked Peter if there is any way to repay him. Peter then requested to know the truth about his father.

Therefore, Peter was allowed access to a video of his father confessing to his crimes. Peter’s father is a mole and was actually offered to be a double agent after he was caught. However, he was killed by the other side instead. After knowing the truth, Peter seemed relieved. He was offered to be a night agent and left for his first mission.

The Night Agent is an action thriller series based on the novel of the same name by Matthew Quirk. It follows Peter Sutherland, a low level FBI agent who got involved in a conspiracy within the United States government. Starring Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Fola Evans-Akingbola, and Hong Chau.

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