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The Night Agent – Episode 6 Recap

Scene from The Night Agent Episode 6 to illustrate recap

Episode 5 ended with Maddie abducted, while Peter and Rose were followed by the professional assassins, Dale and Ellen.

The Night Agent - Episode 6 Summary & Recap

Hunt for Maddie

A flashback revealed that Dale and Ellen drowned Andrej Pavelic and took his ring. Meanwhile in our usual timeline, Peter decided to drop Rose off at his friend, Cisco’s house as he was worried that more people in the White House were involved in the Campbell’s murder. He asked Cisco to protect Rose as he head to the White House. Peter left his tracked vehicle with Cisco and took Cisco’s car to the White House.

On the other side of Washington, Chelsea and Erik arrived at Paulo’s house only to find his body. Maddie’s bag and panic button was also there, and now they have realized that Maddie had been kidnapped. Chelsea informed Ben and continued to look into Paulo with Erik. At the school’s art lab, they found Paulo’s drawing of Maddie on top of a pile of drawings of Paulo’s boyfriend (the man with the snake tattoo). 

When the two Secret Agent members met up with Ben Amora, Chelsea got a handful and was told to go back for the night. Fortunately, Erik stepped in for Chelsea and allowed Chelsea to work on the case, even though Erik would be in charge. 

The two agents then continued to look into Maddie’s room where they found a brochure for New Leaf, an environment movement in Maddie’s secret box. Going through New Leaf’s Instagram, they found out that Paulo was an active member, and the man with the snake tattoo was in some of the photos.

Erik and Chelsea found drawings of a man with a rattlesnake tattoo. Photo: Netflix


Peter soon arrived at the White House and presented Diane with the evidence that VP Redfield might be involved. He did not mention who Rose was with, but somehow, when Diane wanted to show the evidence to the President, Diane mentioned Peter’s “trooper friend”. This alerted Peter and now he knew- Diane Farr is also a mole in the White House.

He tried to remain calm and called Cisco to take Rose out of there, to the pier where he will meet them. On the other hand, Diane alerted VP Redfield that Peter had found out about his involvement. Diane had no choice but to try to apprehend Peter and put him in super-max prison. She got the whole White House security to look for him, but Peter managed to escape.

Cisco, on the other hand, was followed by Dale and Ellen when he left with Rose. The tracker on the vehicle allowed the two assassins to always catch up. Therefore, Cisco dropped Rose a walking distance to the pier while he called for backup. Realizing their tactic, Dale went after Rose while Ellen knocked into Cisco’s car. Ellen then finished the trooper off with his gun.

Dale caught up with Rose and was almost about to kill her when Peter arrived. The two men fought each other and at multiple points, Peter was unwilling to kill Dale. But Dale persisted to attack him and Rose, and so, Peter ended up choking Dale to death. The next morning, Ellen cried when she found Dale’s body floating in the water.


Not knowing Diane was the mole, Peter informed her about VP Ashley Redfield's involvement. Photo: Netflix

Traitors making their plans

Diane Farr now planned to use Maddie’s kidnapping as a diversion. Although VP Redfield was concerned about his daughter, Diane told him that their issue with Peter is far greater than Maddie. Diane told VP Redfield to make a public statement that morning. 

As Peter and Rose hid in Peter’s father’s friends yacht, Rose stitched Peter’s wounds. They listened on the radio as VP Redfield made a statement about Maddie’s disappearance. He informed the public that Peter Sutherland was the prime suspect in this case.

Additional Observations From Episode 6

  • It was hinted that Diane Farr got dragged into protecting VP Redfield after the bombing had already happened. It also seemed like Omar Zadar was part of the equation for the metro bombing.
  • VP Redfield had another daughter named Sarah who had passed when she was only three.

The Night Agent is an action thriller series based on the novel of the same name by Matthew Quirk. It follows Peter Sutherland, a low level FBI agent who got involved in a conspiracy within the United States government. Starring Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Fola Evans-Akingbola, and Hong Chau.

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