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The Night Agent – Episode 4 Recap

Scene from The Night Agent Episode 4 to illustrate recap

The Night Agent is an action thriller series based on the novel of the same name by Matthew Quirk. It follows Peter Sutherland, a low level FBI agent who got involved in a conspiracy within the United States government. Starring Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Fola Evans-Akingbola, and Hong Chau.

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The Night Agent - Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Building blueprints

After revealing the information that she knew to Rose, Diane suggested that Rose hand over the drive. However, Rose refused to, and requested that both she and Peter looked into this. In the drive, Rose found some construction blueprints and address hidden. The address led her and Peter to an old lady’s house in the countryside.

At first, the old lady named Lorna was hostile and threatened them with a gun. But when she found out Rose was Emma and Henry’s niece, she let the two of them in. It was later revealed that Lorna was helping the Campbells gather some information about building blueprints. She knew they were secret agents. However, she did not know what exactly the Campbells found out before their death. Lorna offered to help both Peter and Rose understand the building schematics.

The three of them headed to a cafe which was in one of the blueprints the Campbells were investigating. There, Lorna explained how the Campbells seemed to be looking into power grids and gas stations. When Peter wasn’t around, she also told Rose that she suspected Peter since he was on the metro, but Rose could not find his name anywhere on the drive.

When Peter returned, he noticed that the metro goes underneath the cafe. He then had a theory, that the metro was supposed to blow up elsewhere, but ended up blowing in the tunnel because he stopped the metro. Lorna then explained that the bomb would’ve blowed up two blocks if it exploded at a nearby gas station.

Lorna invited Rose and Peter into her house once realizing who Rose was. Photo: Netflix

Another victim

After dropping off Lorna in a cab, Peter got a call from Cisco, his friend in the police who managed to look up the vehicle number plate of the car Dale and Ellen stole. They managed to tracked the location of the car and found out that a supposed empty house had lights turned on the past two days. 

By night time, Peter and the police broke into the house Dale and Ellen stayed in, but they were no longer there. In fact, the two assassins were now over at Lorna’s place. It was indicated that they got some information out of her before they actually killed her.

That night, Peter and Rose stayed over at a motel and discussed more about their private lives. The next morning, Rose asked about the metro bombing suspect and Peter told her about the guy in the black hoodie.Rose looked through the drive for any man that matches the resemblance but found nothing. When Peter contacted Diane Farr and told her his suspicions that the metro was supposed to hit a different target, Diane was alarmed. She asked Peter to get the FBI involved.

Paulo kissed Maddie in one of his private art sessions with her. Photo: Netflix

Paolo making his moves

Meanwhile, Arrington found out that Erik Monks is still an addict, and still in recovery. However, Erik has been trying to do better and tried his best to adapt to watching a teenage girl. But Maddie’s art teacher, Paulo was sneakily coming onto her. In one of their private art sessions, Paulo and Maddie kissed, but Paulo pulled away. He claimed that it was wrong of him to make a move on Maddie. 

In another session, Maddie apologized too but Paulo played the game of being too obsessed with her and continued to kiss the teenage girl. Maddie then suggested that they find some alone time. She would try to get the Secret Service agents of her tail.

Later, it was revealed that Maddie’s father, who is also the Vice President of The United States, is the man in the White House that is pulling the strings. He was the one who contacted Dale and Ellen’s boss before. At the same time, Rose looked into more footage in the drive and noticed a woman talking into a mic in the cafe the morning of the metro bombing. The woman is Agent Arrington.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • Peter told Rose more information about Omar Zadar, the leader of the PIF. Omar denied being involved in the metro bombing but his party had a history of bombing buildings before. Apparently, Omar has now gotten more legit and is trying to run for office.
  • The code name Osprey did not ring any bells for Lorna too.

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