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Alba : Episode 3 Recap

Scene from Alba Episode 3 to illustrate recap

In the end of the last episode, Alba saw the video of the rape sent to her anonymously by Hugo. Eloy tried to pin the blame on 4 boys and got them killed.

Alba is a Spanish TV drama adapted from  Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?, known as Fatmagül in Spain. The story centres around a young woman, Alba (Elena Rivera) who was raped by her boyfriend, Bruno’s (Eric Masip) group of friends.

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Alba- Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Aftermath of the video

As Alba watched the video, she came to the part where Bruno arrived at the rape scene. Realizing it was Bruno, she could not bear to watch any further. She stormed out of the house and Bruno followed her, asking her what was wrong. Crying, Alba told her boyfriend not to touch her and that she saw the video and he was there. Bruno was heartbroken and tried to explain himself by telling her that he was blackmailed. Alba refused to believe him at first and stormed towards the civil guard station. Before reaching, the two of them noticed a car driven by a man in a black ski mask. It was then that Alba realized Bruno might be telling the truth. Still, she could not forgive him for raping her. Lieutenant Giner saw Alba and Bruno outside the station and was suspicious. Alba and Bruno had to pretend to still be together so as to not alert their blackmailer. Nevertheless, Alba made Bruno sleep in the living room and refused to properly talk to him. At one point, Alba wanted to give Lt. Giner the video, but eventually decided against it. instead, she had another panic attack and Tirso found her on the beach. Tirso helped calm her down. Bruno tried asking Hugo again if he raped Alba, but Hugo remained silent, indicating that Bruno did. However, Hugo denied sending the video.
Scene from Alba Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Bruno asked Alba to show him the video but Alba walked away. Photo: Netflix

On edge

It was then revealed that the man in the black ski mask was indeed Inspector César. He was helping Eloy because he needed money for his daughter’s medical treatment. Meanwhile, Bruno and Alba’s relationship gets increasingly strained. Bruno’s Aunt Clara tried providing support to Alba while also advising Bruno to stay strong by Alba’s side. Alba decided to stay in her hometown longer to spend time with Toño. She changed the lock on the master bedroom door. Alba tried helping out at Toño’s bar to take her mind off things. Out of a sudden, Rubén pretended to be a customer and expressed condolences for her rape. He wanted to see if Alba remembered but Alba made sure she was steady until he left. After that, Alba had another panic attack and Toño helped calm her down this time. On the night of the same day, when Alba was cleaning up, she noticed the figure in black ski mask again watching her. Rubén, on the other hand, was reprimanded by Mercedes as Mercedes did not want Rubén to trigger Alba’s memories.
Scene from Alba Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Tono agreed that Alba could help out in his bar. Photo: Netflix

Hugo’s father found out that Hugo was taking alcohol and drugs from Hugo’s blood test. The man was rather abusive. He hit Hugo and asked Hugo to return to his post.

Love triangle

One morning, Alba bumped into Tirso again at the beach. This time, Tirso asked Alba to help him with his windsurfing lessons, and Alba agreed. Alba then started spending more time with Bego and Tirso. Bego also revealed her interest in Tirso, and Alba encouraged her to go for it. 

Bruno was still protective of Alba. One night, Bruno woke up and saw a car watching them from downstairs. The car drove away once he saw Bruno. Then, Alba had a nightmare which resulted in her screaming. Bruno punched the glass on the door to get in and calm Alba down. But Alba slapped him for coming in.

Scene from Alba Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Tirso comforted Alba after her anxiety attack. Photo: Netflix

One night, after invited by Tirso and Bego, Alba followed them to the club. At one point, Bego left Alba to talk to Tirso but this resulted in another anxiety attack. Tirso brought Alba out and calmed her down while offering her a shoulder to lay on. At the same time, Bruno was walking around the area and was heartbroken when he saw Alba and Tirso together.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • The Entrerríos brothers, Iván and Marianos, together with Jacobo wanted to find ways to nullify Victor’s will of giving Mercedes majority shares of the company. They went to Eloy but Mercedes had already talked to Eloy about helping each other. Therefore, Eloy refused to help the brothers, saying that he wants to respect Victor’s wishes.
  • Rubén coerced his fiancée, Sandra Solana to have sex with him.
  • Inspector César became more flirtatious with Aunt Clara. It remains unclear whether he was doing this to get more information on Bruno’s activities.

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