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Alba : Episode 4 Recap

Scene from Alba Episode 4 to illustrate recap

At the end of episode 3, Bruno saw Alba being close to Tirso. He felt apologetic about the rape and still cared for Alba.

Alba is a Spanish TV drama adapted from  Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?, known as Fatmagül in Spain. The story centres around a young woman, Alba (Elena Rivera) who was raped by her boyfriend, Bruno’s (Eric Masip) group of friends.

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Alba- Episode 4 Summary & Recap

A small light

Lt. Giner found out that the car the 4 suspects drowned in were shot to make it fall off the cliff. She suspects foul play. She tried getting more info from Alba, even reminding Alba that the case might be closed soon. Nevertheless, Alba did not say anything.

 Things were still strained as Alba did not join Bruno’s family for a lunch. Inspector César, on the other hand, got closer to Aunt Clara. As their lease for their place in Madrid was coming to an end, Bruno and Alba decided not to continue renting. But when their landlord shipped their sofa to them in their hometown, it triggered some fond memories between Alba and Bruno. At one point, Alba fell asleep on the sofa next to Bruno. That morning, Bruno woke up happy that Alba was not as afraid of him anymore.

Meanwhile, Hugo seemed to be harboring some feelings for Rubén.

Scene from Alba Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Bruno looking through their old things filled with happy memories. Photo: Netflix


After Alba kept pushing him, Bruno eventually went to see the Entrerríos, Jacobo and Rubén at their party. During the party, Bruno asked Jacobo to tell Eloy to leave them alone. He even told Jacobo he knew the car accident and the threats were from their family. Jacobo seemed shocked and did not seem to know what was happening. He tried to convince Bruno that Bruno is like a brother to him. But Bruno replied that he was not anymore. During the party, Bruno also learnt that Tirso was still dealing drugs to Rubén, while Tirso saw Bruno taking a glass of drink from Jacobo.

Alba spent more and more time with Tirso. When Bruno tried looking for Alba at Toño’s place, an old man at the bar was laughing at Alba for being so close to Tirso as if nothing happened. Bruno got angry and punched the man and the man punched back. Toño stepped in and chased the man out of his bar. Meanwhile, Alba got into an argument with Bego over Tirso.

Scene from Alba Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Bruno confronted Jacobo at the party. Jacobo asked Rubén to leave. Photo: Netflix


The next day, Jacobo came to visit Bruno at his Aunt Clara’s shop. He offered Bruno a job within his family’s company in order for them to leave the incident in the past. Initially Bruno could not accept it but Jacobo reminded him again that he was also part of it. Bruno eventually agreed and told him his condition is that Eloy leaves them alone. Jacobo agreed. Little did the two of them know, Aunt Clara overheard the whole conversation.

Aunt Clara did not know what to do and confided in César. She later on wanted to call the police to report the boys but César told her it was not rape because Bruno and Alba were in a relationship. Aunt Clara could not believe César actually said those words. In the midst of César trying to convince her, Clara noticed that César knew about this beforehand because he knew some information she did not tell him. However, in the panic that ensued Clara accidentally knocked her head and passed out with lots of blood. César immediately called the police. He felt guilty when he saw the plane tickets Clara bought for the both of them. 

Scene from Alba Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Clara's head was bleeding after the accident. Photo: Netflix

At the beach, Alba came face to face with Sandra and the Entrerríos cousins. Shaken, she passed them a diving gas tank that was faulty. Fortunately, Tirso noticed this and took the tank away. 

Meanwhile, Lt. Giner found out that César was the one who transported the semen samples.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • Hugo seemed to be harboring some feelings for Rubén.
  • Jacobo asked Hugo to remember that their story was that the rape was Rubén’s idea. Hugo was uncomfortable about that, but Jacobo told Hugo that they were the only two who had a future.
  • Miriam advised Bruno to have the Entrerríos as friends rather than enemies. She seemed to have history with them.
  • Lt. Giner told Alba that the DNA samples they found from her body were contaminated and cannot be cross-referenced.

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