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Alba : Episode 6 Recap

Scene from Alba Episode 6 to illustrate recap

Jacobo, Rubén, Hugo and Bruno were arrested after Alba gave the video to the Civil Guard Lieutenant, Giner.

Alba is a Spanish TV drama adapted from  Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?, known as Fatmagül in Spain. The story centres around a young woman, Alba (Elena Rivera) who was raped by her boyfriend, Bruno’s (Eric Masip) group of friends.

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Alba- Episode 6 Summary & Recap

Making a plan

After spending one night in prison and invoking their rights to stay silent, the four boys were released. The Entrerríos family found out that the judge on the case is Manuel Cruz, the man Mercedes was having an affair with. Eloy helped prepare the boys for their hearing. He suggested that they find ways to discredit Alba to invalidate her claim. Despite Eloy’s best efforts, Hugo still felt guilty while Bruno blamed Eloy for threatening him and his family. Eloy explained that they were Victor’s doing before Victor passed and that Eloy himself disagreed with the methods.

Again, Jacobo tried to put the blame of the rape idea on Rubén. But Mercedes saw through what Jacobo was doing and warned him not to cross the line even though they are family. Mercedes also talked to Emilio Solana about the issue. She implored that the Solanas, especially Sandra stay by the Entrerríos’s side. Otherwise, the case would look bad for Jacobo and Rubén in the eyes of the public. Meanwhile, Rubén tried to do damage control by convincing Sandra that he loves her. Sandra was horrified by the news and even refused to see Rubén. However, after a few days, she decided to stick by his fiancé.

Scene from Alba Episode 6 to illustrate recap
Eloy strategizing with Hugo, Jacobo and Rubén. Photo: Netflix

In the beginning, the people of the town was in support of Alba. Even Miriam went on record to show her support for her sister in law. Unfortunately, this led to some bullying when the people of the town knew Alba’s boyfriend, Bruno was involved. They began harassing Aunt Clara at her shop with signs of “No means no”.

Lawyers involved

A lawyer by the name of Darío Toledano tried to take advantage of the situation. As this was a high profile case with media coverage, he tried to persuade Alba to let him represent her. To his dismay, Bego overheard him talking in private and got Alba out of there. Tirso recommended another lawyer he could trust to Alba. The lawyer, Marta helped a couple of Tirso’s friends. Initially, Marta did not want to take Alba’s case because she did not have much experience dealing with rape cases. However, after seeing how the Entrerríos are manipulating the press to favor their side, Marta decided to represent Alba.

With some of the media on the Entrerríos’s side, Alba began to get horrible messages and death threats on her phone. Marta suggested for her to ignore it. At one point, Alba even felt the need to hide whenever she went out. But Bego asked her to not be ashamed and went jogging with Alba in the public. During their jog, several women expressed their support for Alba.

Scene from Alba Episode 6 to illustrate recap
A reported wanted to help Alba put her story out but was offended when Alba denied her request. Photo: Netflix

Digging the past

The Entrerríos put in a lot of work to ensure the case did not go to trial. Mercedes slept with the judge, Manuel Cruz. Mariano knew of this but Mercedes said it was to save their son. Eloy managed to dig up Alba’s old modelling pictures where she once posed naked, He leaked this out to the media and Alba received even more messages claiming she was a fake victim. Bruno saw this and went over to see Alba to make sure she’s okay. He reminded her that he would try his best. Meanwhile, Jacobo and Rubén was delighted to see the negative comments from the public towards Alba and celebrated victory by partying. Hugo still felt guilty.

Marta recommended Alba to visit a rape victim who managed to put her rapist behind bars. The victim told Alba to be strong because the hardest part of the process is that some part of her will blame herself for the rape.

The next day, to almost everyone’s surprise, Judge Manuel Cruz gave an indictment to bring the case to trial. Bego, Tirso and Marta were happy for Alba, but the Entrerríos were furious. Mercedes was left in the court crying.

Scene from Alba Episode 6 to illustrate recap
Jocobo and Rubén noticed something wrong with Hugo and tried to get him on their side again by getting him to party. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 6

  • Alba mentioned that when they were growing up, she disliked Bruno and his friends. She always felt like Bruno was not the same as them and that he was just trying to fit in. When they met in Madrid, Alba saw a completely different side of Bruno, and that was when they fell in love.
  • Bruno admitted that he felt the pressure to fit in with his friends. Mercedes told him that she cared for Bruno like one of their family members. But Bruno felt that he never truly belonged there and that the family crossed the line by blackmailing him.
  • Alba’s young nephew, Luis got into a fight at school because the kids at school were talking bad things about Alba.
  • Alba’s lawyer, Marta seems to know Eloy.

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