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Rough Diamonds – Episode 1 Recap

Still from Rough Diamonds Episode 1 from Netflix

Rough Diamonds is a Belgian series about a Jewish family who runs a diamond business in Antwerp. After a death of one of their family members, more details surrounding the shady business starts to unfold. Starring Kevin Janssens, Ini Massez and Robbie Cleiren.

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Rough Diamonds - Episode 1 Summary & Recap

Long lost brother returns

The season starts with a Jewish man named Yanki Wolfson getting out of bed. He placed his diamond watch on the counter before heading out to his family’s office. There, he got hold of a guard’s gun, and shot himself.

The next day, Noah Wolfson (Kevin Janssens), Yanki’s brother flew from London to Antwerp for his brother’s funeral. Noah had long separated from his Jewish-secular family who runs a diamond business, and now has a son named Tommy McCabe (Casper Knopf). Tommy has his late mother’s last name.

When Noah arrived at the funeral, he was warmly greeted by his sister, Adina (Ini Massez); but his other brother Eli (Robbie Cleiren) wasn’t as welcoming. Noah actually did not find out about Yanki’s passing from his family. In fact, he found out through his friend, Sammy Silber. 

After the funeral, Noah soon found out that Yanki was caught up in a lot of gambling debts before he passed. Sammy helped Noah out by finding out that Yanki owed a man named Bruno a lot of money. Noah wasted no time and immediately head over to taunt Bruno. But what was more surprising is that Bruno revealed that Eli knew about Yanki’s debt, but chose not to help.

Adini and her mother was surprised to see Noah at the funeral. Photo: Netflix

Saving the widow

With that information, Noah stormed into his family house and confronted Eli in front of the whole family. Eli denied the details of the events, and he tried to claim that protecting the family name is more important anyways. This absolutely frustrated Noah, and he requested that the family protect Yanki’s widow, Gila (Marie Vinck). It was also hinted that Noah previously had some form of romantic relationship with Gila.

Adina revealed that the diamond business is no longer what it was. Now, it is difficult for them to get loans from the bank. Therefore, they find it difficult to help Gila pay of Yanki’s debts.

Frustrated by his family’s unwillingness to help. Noah then grabbed Yanki’s diamond watch and handed it over to Bruno. At first, Bruno insisted that the watch wasn’t enough, but Noah lost it and threw Bruno out the window onto a car. He told bruno to live with it.

Choice to leave or stay

The next day, Noah got ready to go back to London with Tommy. Before he got in the cab, Adina hinted for him to stay. According to Adina, Yanki had been dealing with a diamond trader in Dubai before his death. This means that Yanki was involved in rather powerful people, and Gila might be in more trouble. Nevertheless, Noah got into the cab anyway.

In the end of the episode, Noah reached the Brussels station, but was seen leaving the cab. Tommy received a phone call from his grandmother, Kerry.

Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • Noah was previously his father’s favourite and was supposed to take over the company. But Noah left the family.
  • In a parallel storyline, a prosecutor named Jo Smets (Els Dottermans) is investigating a drug operations in Antwerp. Her team found out that the most likely channels to smuggle drugs is through the port; and sure enough, they found some drugs. What’s odd, is that they also found some rough diamonds along with it.

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