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The Night Agent – Episode 2 Recap

Scene from The Night Agent Episode 2 to illustrate recap

In the first episode of the series, FBI agent Peter Sutherland takes custody of Rose Larkin, whose uncle and aunt were killed by assassins.

The Night Agent is an action thriller series based on the novel of the same name by Matthew Quirk. It follows Peter Sutherland, a low level FBI agent who got involved in a conspiracy within the United States government. Starring Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Fola Evans-Akingbola, and Hong Chau.

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The Night Agent - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

The Campbells

Episode 2 starts with a flashback from 3 months ago, where Rose was trying to secure funding for her cybersecurity startup. Unfortunately, someone internal named Adam seemed to have hacked into the system and compromised one of her largest account’s details. 

In the current setting, Rose refused to reveal some information about the assassin to Diane Farr and Hawkins. Peter then dropped her off at a hotel room where she would be guarded by Secret Service agents. After that, he went back to a meeting with the top FBI leaders and Diane. In that meeting, Hawkins claimed that he has not reached anywhere with his investigation on Rose’s aunt and uncle’s (the Campbells) death.

Diana then pulled Peter aside after the meeting. She wanted Peter to look into the Campbells files to look into possible enemies they made while they were on cases. Diane did not hesitate to give Peter the clearance he needed to carry out this investigation. That night, Peter found out that Hawkins used to be the Campbell’s case handler, and he immediately informed Diane and passed her the files next morning. Peter and Rose also bonded when Rose called him at night to accompany her.


Higher up meeting with the FBi and Diane Farr.

Assassination attempt

Meanwhile, the two assassins, Ellen and Dale looked into the bag they stole, only to find a nanny cam. It was revealed that they were receiving orders from someone who is working for a White House insider. The man they were working for claimed that Rose is now a problem.

Sure enough, when Peter arrived at Rose’s hotel, the electricity was turned off and somehow, the Secret Service agents were not there. He managed to get to Rose’s room and asked her to follow him out, but Ellen and Dale were already close. Dale and Peter engaged in a gun firing battle before Peter and Rose managed to lose him, after jumping off a glass window. They also managed to escape Ellen when they were in the fitting room of a boutique.

In the fitting room, Peter called up Diane and questioned why Rose’s security was removed. It seemed like the only person who wasn’t in the room and had access to do that was Hawkins. Diana requested that the two of them returned to the White House, but Rose did not trust anyone from the White House now.  So, Peter told Diane that he would take Rose to an unknown location until the team figured out who removed Rose’s security.

Rose had to jump one storey through a glass window to escape Dale. Photo: Netflix

The drive

Having heard the Campbell’s conversation, Rose did not trust anyone from the White House and wanted to solve the mystery herself. At first, Rose and Peter went back to the Campbell’s house but they found nothing. Then, Rose told Peter about the conversation her aunt and uncle had that night about the person named Osprey, and that the country is in danger. Then, she remembered her uncle mentioning that they have a drive in the woods. It then struck Rose to look in her uncle’s cabin in the woods.

Peter soon found the hidden drive in a secret compartment of the fireplace and Rose tried to open it. Unfortunately, the security is really tight and Rose could not breach it. The only folder on the drive was titled 2781, the same number of the metro Peter was on during the bombing a year ago. Surprised that the Campbells were investigating that case, Peter called Diane Farr to get Rose the hardware she needed to crack the drive.

In the call, Diane revealed that the order to remove Rose’s security came from the computer in Hawkin’s office. Unfortunately, he has been murdered and found dead in the fields of Maryland. Diane the gave Peter orders to come in to the White House with Rose and the drive.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • An FBI agent helped Peter looked into the sigil of the assassin’s ring. He found that its similar to the family crest of the House of Yugoslavia.
  • Hawkins was shot 6 times, just like Emma Campbell.

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