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Welcome to Eden: Episode 2 Recap

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 2 to illustrate recap

The first episode of Welcome To Eden ended with our five chosen people (Zoa, Aldo, África, Charly and Ibón) reaching Eden after being left behind after the party.

Welcome to Eden or  Bienvenidos a Edén is a thriller series created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. The story follows the main character, Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and four others, Aldo (Albert Baró), África (Belinda Peregrín), Charly (Tomás Aguilera) and Ibón, who are invited to an exclusive party in a hidden island called Eden. 

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Welcome to Eden- Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Tour of Eden

The five chosen people received a tour of the place by Astrid and her partner, Erick. Eden is a self-sufficient, sustainable place where food eaten are grown in Eden itself and everyone works and contribute to making sure the whole place functions. The Blue Eden drink was created from the ingredients found in Eden to bring income to the place. Astrid informed them that another boat to take them back will only arrive the next morning, and therefore, the five of them will have to spend the night in Eden. Astrid also told them that they have to keep their wristbands on so that the other members of Eden knows they are VIP. Aldo was visibly unhappy and even told Astrid that he could sue them for leaving them on the beach earlier.

Meanwhile, Fran was hunted after his mistake last night. He eventually bumped into another member of Eden, Eva, but Eva told everyone else she found Fran. After Astrid gave the five newbies a tour, someone came to inform her that the “it’s been taken care of”.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 2 to illustrate recap
Zoa and Africa at the tour of Eden. Photo: Netflix

Time at Eden extended

At the end of the tour, Zoa, Aldo, África, Charly and Ibón were sent to sleep in separate “modules” (homes) with different members of Eden, based on availability. In their modules, each of them were treated with a table of food, fruits and juices. In her module, Zoa met her housemates- Claudia, a very aloof girl who looked disturbed, and Nico, the man who saved Zoa from jumping off the cliff the night before. Zoa noticed her bed frame was carved with the initials “C + F” for “Claudia and Fran”. Meanwhile, Aldo got anxious and did not believe there is no boat at the place to get them out. His housemate, Bel advised him to stop asking questions. At night, Aldo tried to venture out to explore the area but a drone eventually tailed him and so he went back.

In the morning, when pressed by Aldo, a member of Eden, Ulises informed the five of them that the boat had arrived to the port but could not take them back yet due to rough conditions. All five of them had their blood taken, supposedly to ensure that they are not bringing any diseases to Eden. They were given the Eden uniforms because they could apparently only walk around freely if they are in those uniform. Erick later also found out that África had another phone with her and confiscated it.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 2 to illustrate recap
Aldo was followed by a drone at night. Photo: Netflix

Wandering around

As the five of them walked around Eden, they both have different experiences with different people. Charly saw Claudia crying but could not get anything out of her about why she’s upset. Zoa on the other hand, saw Judith’s date the night before making out with another man. She confronted him about Judith and asked him if Judith even got on the boat home. However, the man denied it and told Zoa that she got the wrong person. 

At one of the places in Eden, Ibón was captured by Alma’s piano playing. He complimented her and she replied that she is not as good as him. Ibón found it weird that she knew he played the piano, but proceeded to try to play for her. He could not bring himself to, and when Alma asked what happened, Ibón said it’s because of his father. Alma told Ibón to let her help him and tried to touch his hand, but Ibón deflected and walked away instead.  

Meanwhile, Aldo was unconvinced by the whole place. He stole a 4WD from another member of Eden and drove away from Eden. Unfortunately, his wristband gave off his location and he was stopped by another member of Eden. Aldo now realized their wristbands were trackers.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 2 to illustrate recap
Aldo stole a 4WD to try to escape Eden. Photo: Netflix

Zoa's history

After the odd incident with Judith’s “date”, a confused Zoa then spent some time with Nico, and this time she enjoyed it. Nico was a bit flirty at first, but ended up asking Zoa a lot about her life. Zoa spoke a lot about her sister, Gabi and how she called her “Little Squirrel”. After their lovely chat, they head to the centre of Eden, where there was a congratulatory celebration for Eva for her vigilance and loyalty (in capturing Fran). 

At the end of her session, Eva chose Zoa to be “evaluated”. Astrid then sat down with Zoa in front of everyone and asked Zoa about her mother. Zoa then shared that her mother is a heroin addict and often relapsed after treatment, and therefore, Zoa and Gabi had to take care of themselves. Hearing this, Astrid shared her thoughts that a mother should be with her children and a mother who did what Zoa’s mother did clearly did not love her children. She made Zoa repeat “My mother doesn’t love me. She despises me” multiple times, and the session ended with the members of Eden hugging each other. This behaviour bothered Aldo and África.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 2 to illustrate recap
Astrid hugged Zoa after Zoa shared her difficulties with her addict mother. Photo: Netflix

Meanwhile, at home, Gabi’s father left her for two weeks for work and Gabi got increasingly worried about her sister. On her birthday, she received a cake from “Zoa” which says “Happy birthday Little Squirrel”. She even recieved a text message from “Zoa” telling her that Zoa is spending time finding herself and not to worry. Angry, Gabi stormed to Zoa’s room and broke multiple things including photos of her with Zoa.

At night, Zoa woke up in the middle of the night and saw a little boy watching her sleep. She went out to look for him but he disappeared.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Zoa revealed that she and Judith had been friends since they were kids.
  • Zoa is a second year college student studying biology.
  • When Zoa asked Astrid if she has any children, Astrid did not answer.
  • Judith’s date on the night of the party is Orson.

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