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Welcome to Eden: Episode 3 Recap

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 3 to illustrate recap

Episode 2 of Welcome To Eden ended with Astrid attempting to brainwash Zoa into despising her mother. Meanwhile, Gabi did not buy “Zoa’s” message and got increasingly worried.

Welcome to Eden or  Bienvenidos a Edén is a thriller series created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. The story follows the main character, Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and four others, Aldo (Albert Baró), África (Belinda Peregrín), Charly (Tomás Aguilera) and Ibón, who are invited to an exclusive party in a hidden island called Eden. 

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Welcome to Eden- Episode 3 Summary & Recap


Next morning, Ulises gave the five of them (Zoa, Aldo, África, Charly and Ibón) some good news. The weather has cleared and the boat to take them home will arrive by noon the next day. Everyone is excited, but Aldo asked to get some means of communication to reschedule some meetings. Ulises said there is no signal in the island to which Aldo asked how they found out about the boat coming. In response, Ulises brushed it off that they have other methods of communication. 

In actual fact, Aldo did not believe that the people of Eden are letting them of the island. He tried to find some ways to escape and even confronted Ibón for not standing up to the people of Eden. However, Ibón got angry over Aldo calling him “Chopin” and the two had a small argument. 

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Ulises told the five of them that they could leave soon. Photo: Netflix

One more day

That morning, Nico brought Zoa diving in a more secluded part of the island. The two enjoyed their time together and bonded after the experience. At one point, Nico told Zoa that the island speaks to him and he’s telling her Gabi would be fine without Zoa.

In the afternoon, after lunch, the residents of Eden had another “evaluation”, this time with a woman named Bel, Aldo’s housemate. Bel shared how she was fired because she tweeted about her own company releasing harmful gases as a result of production despite having talked to them before. Astrid used this as a reminder for everyone that the people out there to not care for the likes of the people in Eden- they will destroy the planet without thinking about others’ livelihood. After what seemed like another session of reinforcing hate towards the outside world, Astrid announced that there will be a farewell party at sundown for the five of them who is going to leave the next day.

Zoa, África, Charly and Ibón had fun selecting their outfit for the night, but Aldo remained unimpressed.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Nico took Zoa diving. Photo: Netflix


Back in Barcelona, Gabi was worried and tried contacting her mother about Zoa. Her mother eventually came over to stay with Gabi for two weeks and told her Gabi that she had reported to the police about Zoa’s disappearance. However, she and the police believed that Zoa will come back because apparently it happened before and Zoa eventually came back. Then, Gabi’s mother took some money from Zoa’s room and went out drinking.

Party starts

At the beginning of the farewell party, Ibón was invited by Alma to play the piano. He told her he can no longer play, but Astrid and Erick came over and told him they would really like to hear him play. Alma gave him further encouragement and Ibón finally managed to play a beautiful piece. After he stopped playing, the crowd cheered and clapped and Alma went over to kiss him. Later on in the night, Ibón took a walk with Alma at the beach. He directly questioned her on whether the kiss was because the people in Eden wanted her to or whether she herself wanted to kiss him. In response, Alma kissed Ibón again as an answer and told him he doesn’t have to leave Eden.

Meanwhile, at the party dancefloor, Charly tried to flirt with the DJ, the blue-haired girl named Mayka. Mayka is the one behind the IT systems and drone. Although they had a flirty chat, Mayka turned Charly down. As a result, an upset Charly downed two bottles of Blue Eden and started getting high and even hallucinated. He eventually saw Claudia again and tried to talk to her again about seeing her cry. Claudia who was visibly upset, told Charly that he is not leaving the island and is in fact, going to die there. A high and hallucinating Charly couldn’t seem to fathom her words.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Charly approached Mayka at the party. Photo: Netflix

África and Zoa

On another side of the party, Astrid sat down to chat with África. She told África that her followers don’t actually love África and would have unfollowed África during the few days she went missing. Astrid also told the pop star that she is not depriving the people of Eden of the real world; she is protecting them from it. Then, Astrid brought África over to her and Erick’s home and introduced her again to Erick. Erick invited África to stay over in the guest room and guided her there. He shared about his childhood with África, where he felt like he was raised by a chauffeur. In return, África too admitted that there is no family members waiting for her back home. Erick then took this chance to remind África that they are a family here, and that family doesn’t have to be flesh and blood.

During the party, Bel introduced herself to Zoa and wanted to talk to her privately but they were interrupted by Nico who came over with two bottles of Blue Eden. Although Bel tried to tell Zoa not to be pressured, Nico coaxed Zoa into drinking some Blue Eden. Zoa then spent the whole night with Nico and at sunrise, the two made out on the beach after Nico told Zoa not to leave him.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Astrid brought Africa over to her place. Photo: Netflix


During the party, Aldo, on the other hand, was proactive and eventually found a small boat at a part of the island. Some men were unloading stuff off the boat, and so Aldo wanted to snuck the five of them into the boat and follow the boat elsewhere. He tried looking for his friends but instead saw Ibón kissing Alma and a high Charly kept repeating that he was going to die on the island. Realizing that he could not save his friends, Aldo snuck into the boat by himself and fell asleep waiting for the boat to take him out of the island.

He woke up in the morning when the engine of the boat went off. But when he climbed towards the deck, he saw a member of Eden, Brenda waiting for him. Brenda took out a device, put it on Aldo’s head and killed him with it by puncturing a hole through Aldo’s head.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Aldo found Brenda on the boat instead. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Aldo left home at 15 years old.
  • During lunch at Eden where everyone eats together, there will be a resident who reads news about climate change in the world.
  • Bel was often seen talking to a mute guy, Eloy using sign language. Eloy was the person Orson was making out with last episode when Zoa found them.

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