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5 Reasons Why We Are In Love With Love Is Blind: Japan

Still from the web series

Before Season 2 of Love Is Blind, Netflix is giving us another international version of Love Is Blind. This time, it is set in Japan- and we are not complaining. Here are 5 reasons why Love Is Blind: Japan is so unique compared to the other versions.

1. The Set

One of the first few things to notice about this installment of Love Is Blind is the set of the pods. The waiting area to go into the room is tiled with marble while adorned by green plants. It gives the area such a clean style. Besides, lets not forget the area where the couples will meet for the first time. The couples will have to meet in the middle of the wooden bridge with purple wisteria overlooking them. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

Still from Love Is Blind Japan
Ayano and Shuntaro at the wisteria bridge

2. The Culture

The Japanese culture is so unique and so strikingly different compared to the other versions. Everyone there is very cordial, polite and careful with their words and mannerisms. They say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ all the time and I haven’t heard anyone cursing so far. Due to their culture, we also see the contestants more reluctant to express their affection on camera, except for Wataru who grew up abroad and Priya, who is half-Japanese. This makes for some awkward moment when the couples first meet, but their shyness can be perceived as really sweet as well.

Still from Love Is Blind Japan
Kaoru sporting a traditional kimono

3. Ryotaro and Motomi: Showing Love Is About What's Inside

A few couples from Love Is Blind: Japan had to overcome difficulties accepting their partner’s physical appearance after meeting in person. One of these couples is Ryotaro and Motomi. When they first met, Motomi was taken aback by Ryotaro’s blonde hair. In Japan, blonde hair can sometimes be associated with being a delinquent or gangster, and therefore, it took Motomi a while to accept her fiance’s appearance. However, after living together, Motomi admitted that she now sees what a kind person Ryotaro actually is and that his appearance does not matter at all. Ryotaro and Motomi ended up saying “I do” at the alter and are probably one of the sweetest couple out of this franchise.

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Ryotaro cut Motomi's bangs for their wedding day. Photo: Netflix

4. More Couples Shown

After the 5th episode, we now have 8 couples walking out of Love Is Blind: Japan. It’s great that we are able to follow all these couple’s stories so far, unlike the first Love Is Blind filmed in Atlanta. Apparently, there were actually 8 couples who made it past the pods engaged, one of them being Rory and Danielle. However, only 6 couples were shown on the Netflix series.

5. The Women Are Awesome

In Love Is Blind: Brazil, it pains me that Nanda still said “yes” to Thiago at the alter even after his display of misogyny. For instance, he openly calls women the weaker sex and wants to be the only one out of the couple that goes out to have fun. The Japanese women in this installment seems more resistant towards such behaviour, with Motomi outright realising things will not work out with Atsushi as he wants the woman to take care of the whole house while he works. Besides Motomi, Midori also proved herself as a badass woman. She knows what she wants and is prepared to go the extra mile to get it. We saw Midori pulling herself together and making a presentation that ultimately convinced Wataru to choose her. Some people might call her pushy or desperate, but I think she has a strong resolve.

Let us know your thoughts on Love Is Blind Japan in the comments below. If you would like to know read about the couples who made it past the pods, feel free to read it here.

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