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Ryotaro and Motomi’s Journey on Love Is Blind: Japan

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan

Having had adorable letter exchanges, Motomi and Ryotaro are one of the sweetest couples to come out of the pods. Although there are several ups and downs throughout their journey as a couple, they eventually said “yes” at the alter and are probably one of the most adorable couples out of the Love Is Blind franchise. Read on to learn about their journey on Love Is Blind: Japan.

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Exchanging Letters In The Pods

When they first started dating in the pods, Ryotaro and Motomi were one of those who connected really quickly. Motomi briefly considered Atsushi as a potential partner, but that ship sank when Atsushi revealed that he expects only the woman to take care of the house and that he only like her because she is good at cooking. 

But Motomi was also hiding a secret back then. She was divorced after a year of marriage and that had been an issue with potential partners in the past. She decided to reveal it to Ryotaro and after thinking, Ryotaro wrote her a letter about how he did not find it a problem. He also told her how he admires her for putting her foot down and communicating the issue so well. This moved Motomi to tears. Soon after, the couple then started exchanging letters in the pods and soon after, Ryotaro poped the question.

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Motomi receiving her letter from Ryotaro. Copyright: Netflix

Motomi Was Shocked By Ryotaro's Looks

When the couple met in person for the first time, Motomi was surprised to see Ryotaro sporting blonde hair. In Japan, having blonde hair is sometimes associated with a delinquent look and therefore, Motomi was taken aback by it. She did not hide her shock and was very honest about not being able to accept the look when asked about it. However, Ryotaro is a hairdresser and having color in his hair is very common in his profession, presumably as a walking model of his potential craft. 

Ryotaro and Motomi on Love Is Blind: Japan
Motomi taken aback when she met Ryotaro for the first time. Copyright: Netflix

Still In Love In Tokyo

After they moved in together in Tokyo, Ryotaro and Motomi got along really well and are still in love with each other. Motomi also came to realize that despite his looks, Ryotaro is a genuinely nice person and she could see a future with him. We also see some cute montages of Motomi cooking for her fiancé and Ryotaro cutting and blow drying Motomi’s hair. At this point, Motomi’s only apprehension was her father’s approval. She was sure that her strict father will not approve of Ryotaro’s looks, but Ryotaro is stubborn when it comes to this. He thinks that he is more than just his looks.

Ryotaro and Motomi on Love Is Blind: Japan
Motomi getting along well with Ryotaro's friends. Copyright: Netflix

The couple meets the parents

Despite his initial reluctance, Ryotaro ended up deciding to dye his hair black and wore a button up shirt to meet Motomi’s parents in Yokohama. Motomi’s father did not hold back and told the couple that he doesn’t like this sort of thing, but he did think that Ryotaro’s a great guy. The meeting went really well with the parents and Ryotaro bonding over baldness.

The pair’s meeting with Ryotaro’s family also went great. Ryotaro’s parents were really welcoming and they chatted about how Ryptaro’s parents previous love story involving overflowing coke and a handkerchief.

Scene of Ryotaro and Motomi
Ryotaro dyed his hair black to meet Motomi's parents. Copyright: Netflix

The Couple Got Married

The day before the wedding, Ryotaro cut Motomi’s bangs to prepare her for the wedding. Then, on the day of the wedding itself, Ryotaro did not hesitate to say “yes” at the alter. Motomi could not find the right words, so she went on with a bit of history in the pods before telling Ryotaro that her feeling for him grew stronger after living together. Ryotaro got a little bit nervous, but Motomi eventually said “I do” .

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Ryotaro cut Motomi's bangs for their wedding day. Photo: Netflix

Three months After The Ceremony

After the wedding ceremony, the hosts of Love Is Blind: Japan sat down with the couple again after three months. The couple dyed their hairs blonde and have scheduled their official registration of marriage. 

Update: Motomi has updated via Instagram that the couple are happily and officially married.

Congratulations to the couple!

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Ryotaro and Motomi sporting blonde hair. Photo: Netflix

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