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Reasons Why Mori and Minami Did Not Last

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan

One of the stronger couples this season is Mori and Minami. They are both extremely calm and shared a lot of similar interest, even in niche topics like BL manga. Sadly, they decided to part ways in episode 8. We do see glimpses of their challenges as a couple throughout their time in Tokyo, but with the many segregated scenes, it can be difficult to  pinpoint what exactly went wrong. Therefore, we decided to list down the reasons that led to their break up.

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1. Bottled Up Feelings

There have been several instances where we see both Mori and Minami reluctant to discuss their problems with one another and choose to be reserved about their own feelings instead. Although Minami was vocal about Mori’s hair in the beginning, she later choose not to express her other disagreements, such as Mori’s clothes. On the other hand, Mori, who felt attacked by Minami about his hair also had his own apprehensions but chose not to bring it up to her until he thought through it for one whole day at work. The couple seemingly communicate their differences that night, but it turns out Minami still has a lot of things to say, but felt like she couldn’t. She pretended everything was fine and tried to make good memories with Mori as a means to forget her worries. This led to Minami eventually locking herself up in a room, refusing to film after breaking down.

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Minami still go on dates and pretend that everything is fine. Copyright: Netflix

2. Minami's Candor

Mori has on multiple occasions, raised the issue of Minami’s direct way of speaking. Minami did not look for the best way to phrase her words and spoke her mind with no filter most of the time. Although this was one of the reasons Mori felt like he couldn’t leave Minami alone in the pods, Mori felt hurt by her words occasionally. He once cited two problems with Minami, one being her talking bad about others and the second, being her direct way of speaking. We did not see any scenes where Minami was downright rude about others. However, we assume this is a misconception again due to her speaking without any filter in her head, which can come off the wrong way.

After Mori brought this up to Minami, Minami became extremely careful not to hurt Mori’s feelings as she herself is working on the aspect of herself. However, this only led to Minami bottling up her feelings even further.

The couple holding hands after Minami started crying over Mori's confession. Copyright: Netflix

3. Minami Wants To Continue Her Career

In ten years time, Mori wants to work and provide financial support to a developing country like those in Asia and Africa. He mentioned that his family can either follow him or he can travel back and forth, depending on the situation at that time. We did not get to follow this conversation further, but this was potentially one of the deal breakers for both Mori and Minami. In their final meet-up, Minami told Mori that she grew up in a family where her mom supported the whole family after her dad passed. Hence, she wants to continue with her career just in case something unfortunate happens. Sadly, Mori replied that he needs someone that fully supports his dreams and then concluded they should end their relationship.

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Minami and Mori in their final meet up. Copyright: Netflix

Grateful For Their Time Together

After their final meeting, both Mori and Minami expressed gratitude for their time together. Before Mori left Tokyo, he left a heartfelt message to Minami, thanking her for bringing out the best in him. Although it breaks our heart to see Minami still crying at that final scene, their decision was probably the best for the couple considering how much both are hurting inside.

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