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Are Priya and Mizuki Still Together?

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan

Unlike many couples on Love Is Blind: Japan, Mizuki and Priya raved about their respective partner’s looks once they were out of the pods. They had a great connection, but Priya showed apprehension about their relationship since their time in Okinawa. The couple ultimately decided to end their relationship during their one-month proposal anniversary. Read on to find out the reasons the couple split up.

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1. Mizuki Did Not Have A Proper Plan

As an entrepreneur, Priya is clearly someone who constantly thinks about the future and make plans on how to get there. Therefore, when Mizuki expressed his desire to reside in another country like Australia in the future, Priya wanted to understand how he plans to achieve this goal. However, Mizuki did not seem to have a proper plan in place. Potentially due to the pressure from Priya’s question, he randomly quoted 2 million yen as his desired monthly salary to be able to afford the lifestyle he wanted. But when asked further, he did not have any milestones or action plans to get to the 2 million yen goal. After a few days, he backtracked and said he would prefer to have 1 million yen monthly instead. This made Priya doubt Mizuki and their future together.

Still from the web series
Priya and Mizuki discussing their goals and how to get there. Copyright: Netflix

2. Priya Caught Mizuki In A Lie

Mizuki has always referred to himself as a businessman who runs a restaurant. One day, Priya decided to bring her friend along to meet Mizuki and his business partner, Tanabe in their restaurant. However, after talking to Tanabe, Priya realized that Tanabe and Mizuki were not business partners. In fact, Tanabe owns 100% of the restaurant, which makes Mizuki effectively an employee of Tanabe. Although Tanabe tried to explain that he sees Mizuki as a partner rather than an employee and that he plans to let Mizuki take over the restaurant one day, the lie (which might not be intentional) did not sit well with Priya.

Still from the web series
Priya meeting Mizuki and his business partner at their restaurant. Copyright: Netflix

3. Priya's Love Was Not Enough

Mizuki was head over heels for Priya. Both Mizuki and Priya have acknowledged that. Unfortunately, Mizuki and Priya are very different entrepreneurs. The former Miss World Japan prefers to have everything planned out, while Mizuki did not seem to share the same value. In the end, Priya acknowledged that her love for Mizuki was not enough. She believed that when she finds the right man, even if she will be uncertain about the future, she will be alright with it. However, as her love for Mizuki is still not at that level, her apprehensions will be at the forefront of her troubles and hence, she was not able to continue their relationship. Despite truly loving Priya, Mizuki did not wish to push his love on her anymore and still thanked her for the relationship.

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Priya and Mizuki's final meet up before parting ways. Copyright: Netflix

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