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Are Kaoru and Misaki Still Together? | Love Is Blind: Japan

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan

Kaoru is a singer-songwriter based in Tokyo while Misaki is a the head coach of the Kenyan baseball team. The two bonded in the set of Love Is Blind: Japan and eventually got engaged. Sadly, the pair are no longer together as Kaoru realized that they still did not know much about each other and are not ready to get married. Read on to find out the events that led to the eventual split.

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Kaoru was hesitant in the pods

Misaki and Kaoru bonded over a few things, but Kenya, the place where Misaki occasionally resides, was always a common topic among the two. Kaoru has been to Kenya and therefore the pair had amazing conversations about the place. After many conversations, Misaki was sure that Kaoru is the one and was ready to propose. However, Kaoru was not ready to make a commitment. She eventually said yes after Misaki expressed his feelings again and formally proposed.

Misaki can be a bit absent-minded

One recurring theme for this couple is how Misaki can be quite inattentive. When Kaoru asked him questions about his views on marriage, work and love, she could not get a direct answer. She described the situation as “throwing softballs to Misaki, but he let most of them go by”. Even when questions on potential children came up, Misaki said that they can work that out in the future despite them working in different parts of the globe. To top it off, Misaki did not even know Kaoru’s last name.

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Kaoru meeting Misaki's friend. Photo: Netflix

Kaoru felt that Misaki did not bother to understand her

During their time in Tokyo, the couple had several deep conversations, but Kaoru pointed out that she didn’t feel good about them. When Kaoru admitted something negative about herself, Misaki would state his ideals of what should have happened instead of understanding the reason for Kaoru’s negative aspect. This, and the fact that the couple did not know each other well enough became the ultimate reason Kaoru decided to end things several days before the wedding. Misaki took her comments well, and thanked Kaoru for the experience. The pair parted amicably.

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Kaoru and Misaki gave each other a final hug before parting ways. Photo: Netflix

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