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Why Yudai and Nana Broke Up

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Love Is Blind: Japan blessed us with 8 couples walking out of the pods after Episode 5.However, in episode 6, we say goodbye to one of them. Yudai and Nana decided to part ways while vacationing in Okinawa. Read on to follow a recap of what led to Nana and Yudai’s eventual break up.

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A Promise In The Pods

When everyone was still dating in the pods, Yudai was a hit with the ladies despite being the youngest man there at 23 years old. He showed a lot of depth and maturity in his questions and his answers and that immediately captivated the women. Three women were interested in him, but he eventually picked Nana who is 8 years older. Turns out, Nana asked Yudai a lot of important questions when they were in the pods, including his thoughts about having children. Again, Yudai gave a great answer that were music to Nana’s ears. He said he will respect the women’s (Nana’s) ultimate choice when it comes to having children because he understands that at her age, 3 years without children would mean a lot more compared to 3 years at his age. 

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Yudai telling Nana he would respect the women's wish when it comes to starting a family. Copyright: Netflix

Yudai Felt Differently

After getting engaged, the couple went to Okinawa for a vacation where we saw the couple seemingly getting along well. But Nana decided to use the opportunity to discuss an important matter and raised the issue of starting a family. She wants children in the next 2 years as she is past her 30s. She expressed her desire for this timeline because Yudai had mentioned that is he fine with following her timeline. Unfortunately, Yudai hesitated instead. He now feels that 2 years is too soon for him to be having children, and when asked why he had a change of heart, he did not answer.

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Nana and Yudai discussing family planning in Okinawa

The Couple Tried To Discuss The Matter

Nana did not give up on the relationship that quickly and mentioned that she tried discussing it with her partner. We also saw Yudai admitting to feeling the responsibility of marriage after meeting Nana in real life. Nana have clearly done her part in trying to persuade Yudai but felt like he will not change his mind. Meanwhile, she herself questioned if she still loves him.

Scene from Love Is Blind: Japan
Yudai and Nana trying to make it work. Copyright: Netflix

Yudai Broke It Off

According to Nana, after speaking to Yudai, she realized that she wasn’t the wife or girlfriend he wanted. Therefore, he broke things off with Nana. Nana still expressed gratitude for falling in love with him, saying she has no regrets. Meanwhile, Yudai shared that he genuinely thought he was ready to marry Nana when he was in the pods but he no longer feels the same.

Nana packed her bags and left Okinawa. Copyright: Netflix

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

In the end, despite showing maturity, Yudai was not able to follow through with his promise to Nana. He did not comprehend the weight of his own words and unfortunately, Nana was a victim in this whole situation. 

We wish them the very best in their next relationship and hope they can find the right person that suits their phase in life.

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