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Welcome to Eden: Episode 4 Recap

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 4 to illustrate recap

Welcome to Eden episode 3 ended with Aldo’s murder at the hands of Brenda. Ibón decided to stay.

Welcome to Eden or  Bienvenidos a Edén is a thriller series created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. The story follows the main character, Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and four others, Aldo (Albert Baró), África (Belinda Peregrín), Charly (Tomás Aguilera) and Ibón, who are invited to an exclusive party in a hidden island called Eden. 

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Welcome to Eden- Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Joining Eden

When África woke up in the morning and joined Astrid and Erick for breakfast, Astrid told her that Mayka will make things official for her. África was confused, especially when Astrid told her it was about her joining Eden, which apparently was discussed by África and Astrid last night. Although she did not recall such inciden and was pressured into joining, she is not reluctant to stay. So, she took a while to look at the contract given to her to stay for a year. Even though it was not shown, it was assumed that África eventually signed those document. She even worked with Mayka to craft her last message to her Instagram followers.

Ibón, on the other hand, willingly wanted to join Eden and Alma took her to Astrid’s place. While waiting, Ibón pointed out that the large painting on Astrid’s wall was called “Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx” and was a painting by Patinir. However, Ibón noted that the painting is a fake and altered so that Charon was looking at heaven instead of hell. After that conversation, Ibón and Alma went to meet Astrid and Erick to tell them the good news of Ibón staying. Similarly to África, he had to sign a one year contract.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Ibon signed the contract to stay at Eden. Photo: Netflix

Aldo's missing

After a painful goodbye with Nico, Zoa headed out to wake Charly and look for Aldo. Unfortunately, she could not find Aldo and Zoa got even more worried when Charly mentioned a dream that Aldo looked for him last night. Astrid pretentiously asked Brenda to start a search party for Aldo. As Aldo was missing, Zoa and Charly missed the boat. Zoa confided in Nico and asked him what happens if anyone wanted to leave Eden, to which Nico said he’s not sure- they probably have to talk to Astrid. Sensing something is wrong, Zoa then asked him if anyone ever left Eden before, to which Nico said no. Nico then offered his assistance to Brenda to look for Aldo, and told Zoa that he will let her know if he found anything suspicious.

Seemingly harboring some feelings for Zoa, Bel also wanted to help Zoa find Aldo and find out “how Zoa is doing”. Claudia refused to help her and so Bel asked Eloy to help her get Orson’s access card. Orson is a level 2 resident and so has different accessibility in the island. During his sexual act with Orson, Eloy tossed Orson’s card to Bel outside through the stable window. Bel took the card which gave her access to the IT area where Mayka usually operates. Through the system, she found out that África and Ibón had “passed” while Aldo was “eliminated” because he was “disobedient” and “ego-centric”. Meanwhile, Zoa’s status is “pending” because she “possessed leadership qualities” but is “bitter” and “disobedient”. Bel made sure to put Orson’s card back in the stable for him to find his card.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Bel asked Eloy for Help to get Orson's card. Photo: Netflix

Search continues

Gabi who was worried about her missing sister got even more frustrated when her mother took some money from her and used it to get drugs at night. Once again, Gabi rampaged through Zoa’s room but this time she found her sister’s other phone. She managed to guess her password and opened Zoa’s social media where she saw a text from a man called David, telling Zoa he finally found her social media. Gabi tried texting David back and found out that David and Zoa met at a Blue Eden party. Unable to find any information about Blue Eden, she then took a leap and headed to San Sebastian using bus to look for David.

Meanwhile, Ibón’s father hired a private investigator named Brisa to bring Ibón back.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Gabi eventually found Zoa's other phone. Photo: Netflix

Things turn ugly

At lunch, a frustrated Charly stormed off angrily and his behaviour alerted Astrid. Then during “evaluation”, Ibón and Africa’s decision to stay was announced. Astrid asked Ibón to choose the person to be evaluated and Ibón chose Charly. 

During his “evaluation”, although Charly did not want to talk about his past, Astrid pressured him into telling everyone. Charly then angrily told everyone how he regretted taking part in his 5-year-old sister’s death when he was eight. He allowed his sister to take a swimming dare with his brothers and she drowned because Charly did not watch over her. Charly was upset and beaten after telling the painful story. Astrid then told him that no child should be blamed for that and no one in Eden will ever blame nor judge him. An angry Zoa stood up and called Astrid out for pushing Charly and being a hypocrite because they did not care enough for Charly to let him leave the island.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Mayka and Charly had a pleasant conversation after the evaluation. Photo: Netflix

Nico ran after Zoa and told her to drop her wristband that night and follow him. Meanwhile, Mayka approached Charly after the outburst and told him she knew all about his social media post every anniversary of his sister’s death. Mayka said his words were beautiful and both she and Charly seem to have gotten closer after the conversation.

At night, Nico secretly brought Zoa into an underground cave. In the middle of the cave was a boat and Judith’s dead body. Zoa screamed in terror.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • The star tattoo on the residents of Eden’s wrist indicate their level and accessibility. Orson also told Eloy that he was not allowed to divulge certain things because he was a Level 2 member, while Eloy was just a Level 1 member.
  • Alma revealed to Ibón that Brenda was the one who got her into Eden earlier and that Brenda is very important to her. Brenda “jokingly” told Ibón that she would kill him is he hurt Alma.

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