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Welcome to Eden: Episode 6 Recap

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 6 to illustrate recap

Previously, Zoa found out that Nico had been playing her and wanted to kill him in his sleep. However, she was stopped by Claudia. Ibón learnt the truth when he saw Judith’s body.

Welcome to Eden or  Bienvenidos a Edén is a thriller series created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. The story follows the main character, Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and four others, Aldo (Albert Baró), África (Belinda Peregrín), Charly (Tomás Aguilera) and Ibón, who are invited to an exclusive party in a hidden island called Eden. 

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Welcome to Eden- Episode 6 Summary & Recap

Plans in place

After she was stopped by Claudia, Zoe confronted her roommate about what happened. Claudia told her about Fran, who wanted to help people but was he himself was killed instead. Claudia also warned Zoa to stay away from Bel because Bel is planning on rebelling against Astrid. Instead, she recommended Zoa to be like her, and to find another way to escape during the next festival.

That same morning, as a way to prove herself, África suggested to Erick to hold a party to celebrate the anniversary of founding Eden. She convinced Erick that this is necessary in order to build the image of a leader who cares and offered to organize it. Later on, Erick and Astrid agreed to her suggestion.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 6 to illustrate recap
Africa gave a suggestion to Erick. Photo: Netflix

Meanwhile, Ibón got into a fight with Ulises for leaving Module 1 during the storm. Eloy tried to break the fight but got punched severely by Ulises instead. Orson had to painfully watch and could not help Eloy. Zoa dragged Ibón away and told him about “links” and the idea of running away at the next festival. They planned to use the underwater caves to sneak into the boat. Zoa and Ibón had to act chummy with their links and they thought Charly was lucky not to have one, but Charly began to doubt Mayka’s true intentions. 

Before the party

Alma saw Claudia stop Zoa the night before and also saw the two of them talking. Therefore, she approached Claudia to understand what they were talking about. A hostile Claudia refused to divulge and asked Alma to go away. Then, when Alma reminded her about what happened to Fran after he tried to help others, Claudia got agitated. Alma then reported the incident to Astrid.

Preparations for the party began in the afternoon. África took the chance to hilariously order Ulises around while Charly confronted Mayka about her actual intentions. Mayka was shocked about Charly’s accusations and told him that she is loyal to Eden and would easily choose Eden over him. During their heated conversation, Mayka’s laptop was hacked.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 6 to illustrate recap
Mayka's laptop was hacked when she was talking to Charly. Photo: Netflix

Gabi turns to another Zoa

That same morning, David had a conversation with the new Gabi. Apparently, Gabi was drunk the night before and tried to kiss him. Gabi brushed it off and asked David for any proof about the Blue Eden festival. Before he got back, David managed to sneakily keep his wristband even though they forced all the participants to return them. Gabi tried the wristband on. As the wristband was a location detector, an alarm went off in Mayka’s IT area indicating a stolen wristband in San Sebastian. David also revealed to Gabi that he was asked about the festival on social media.

Realizing what she had to do to trace Zoa’s steps, Gabi started dressing more like Zoa and spent the whole afternoon taking fun photos and selfies to post on her social media. Before she left home for Barcelona, she snuck into the aquarium where David worked and kissed him.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 6 to illustrate recap
Gabi taking selfies to bump her social media. Photo: Netflix

Death to Astrid

During the party that night, Erick gave a speech about his relationship with Astrid and about Eden in front of everyone. Then, all of a sudden, the screen changed into one that says “Muerte A Astrid” which means “Death to Astrid”. This caused a ruckus and Claudia asked Bel if she was behind it to which Bel denied any involvement. Meanwhile, an infuriated Astrid called for a meeting with Erick and the Level 2’s. Mayka revealed that she couldn’t trace the hacker and therefore, Astrid wanted someone else to take the fall as a lesson. Eloy and Zoa were both suggested as scapegoats but the majority voted to keep them. They landed on Claudia instead. 

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 6 to illustrate recap
The Level 2 and 3s have a meeting about the threat. Photo: Netflix

The next morning, Claudia was taken away by Brenda and Orson and Zoa watched helplessly as she was walked towards the cliff. At the cliff, Orson rubbed the blue powder on Claudia’s arm as Brenda questioned Claudia on the hacked video. Claudia lied and claimed it was her, and Brenda called her bluff. Brenda then place the device used to kill Aldo on Claudia’s head as Claudia stood at the edge of the cliff. We did not see Claudia dying or falling to her death, but we can hear the device clicking, which signifies that Claudia could be dead or still alive.

While this happened, Bel consoled Zoa.

Additional Observations From Episode 6

  • Charly’s family found it odd that Charly missed his sister’s death anniversary. His mother was also angry about that.
  • Mayka told Charly that she discovered Eden, learnt what they were doing and volunteered to help them with their tech installation.
  • Private investigator Brisa tracked Ibón’s movements until the abandoned factory and got a list of missing people.
  • During the party, Zoa convinced Nico that there is no one else for her here except Nico.

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