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Welcome to Eden: Episode 7 Recap

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 7 to illustrate recap

A secret rebellion is brewing in Eden. Zoa, Ibón and Charly plans their next escape. Meanwhile, Gabi and PI Brisa is gaining ground and starting to discover bits of Eden.

Welcome to Eden or  Bienvenidos a Edén is a thriller series created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. The story follows the main character, Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and four others, Aldo (Albert Baró), África (Belinda Peregrín), Charly (Tomás Aguilera) and Ibón, who are invited to an exclusive party in a hidden island called Eden. 

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Welcome to Eden- Episode 7 Summary & Recap


One night, the newbies to Eden (Zoa, África, Charly and Ibón) went through an initiation process to signify them joining Eden. They had to walk through burning coal to collect their cross-shaped necklace. During her walk, África fell and her pants caught fire, but she persevered to the end. Once she reached normal land, Erick immediately helped her put out the fire using his jacket and Astrid was not happy about that. The four then got a star tattoed on their wrist to signify Level 1. Meanwhile, Eva and Alma were promoted to Level 2 and Ulises was promoted to Level 3.

The next morning, a dejected Nico confronted Astrid about why he was not promoted, but Astrid was direct that he did not manage to do a good job bringing Zoa in. Astrid also told him that he will be taken off Zoa now that Bel will watch over her. Angry, Nico confronted Bel but Bel said she was just following orders.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 7 to illustrate recap
Africa talked about her past to Zoa after the initiation. Photo: Netflix

Plans change

Charly took some time to explore the underwater cave and found an opening to the sea. He told the good news to Zoa, who in return told Ibón. However, to Zoa’s surprise, Ibón said he might not want to leave Eden as going back would mean returning to his father and outside of Eden, his father would be able to track him down.

In the afternoon, Zoa spent some time horse riding with Bel and the two grew closer. Bel also spent some time having a heart to heart talk with Zoa about what has been going on. Bel revealed that Erick’s family is loaded and that Erick and Astrid treat them like children because they couldn’t have any. Zoa brought up that she once saw a small boy, but Bel brushed it off as hallucinations from Blue Eden. Them, Zoa cried talking about the rebellion and Fran’s death and blamed herself for it. Zoa then reminded her that Astrid was the one who killed Fran, not Bel.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 7 to illustrate recap
Eloy sharing signals with Bel at night. Photo: Netflix

At night, Eloy dragged Ibón to his module glass window and on the opposite end was Zoa and Bel in front of their’s. Bel and Eloy then exchanged a hand sign to signify that they have each other’s backs. Bel told Zoa that in Eden, it is good to have a reminder that there is someone she could trust. Soon after, Zoa and Bel started kissing but Bel stopped it and wanted to talk to Zoa about where she stands. Zoa made it clear that she planned on escaping, but Bel said she doesn’t intend to do that because she wants to save the rest of the people in Eden.

Gabi returns to Barcelona

In Barcelona, Private Investigator Brisa reached out to Zoa’s mom and found out that “Zoa” had sent their family a text message saying she wanted to be alone. PI Brisa then informed Zoa’s mom that her client (Ibón’s dad) received the same message and a number of people has been missing. After hearing that Zoa’s mother got incredibly worried and guilty that she did not believe Gabi earlier. However, to her relief, Gabi returned from San Sebastian the same day and so, she shared PI Brisa’s contact with Gabi.

Gabi did not even need to contact PI Brisa because they eventually bumped into each other in a bus. PI Brisa recognized that she looked like Zoa, and revealed that her client’s son was also missing since that day. Gabi didn’t think PI Brisa could help because the private investigator didn’t seem to have much of a lead. Therefore, Gabi got off the bus. However, before she got down, PI Brisa noticed the Eden wristband David gave Gabi in Gabi’s bag and took it.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 7 to illustrate recap
Gabi met PI Brisa on a double decker bus


At night, a masked figure took Ulises’ card (now Level 3) to break into Astrid and Erick’s home. The figure tossed Ulises’ card outside and went on to attack Astrid in her sleep. Both Astrid and Erick woke up and struggled to fight the unknown person. During the fight, the unknown figure stabbed Erick in the stomach using a knife before fleeing. Astrid then carried Erick to a buggy and drove quite a distance away to meet Isaac, the small boy Zoa once saw.

Additional Observations From Episode 7

  • África’s mother abandoned her in a park when she was a child.
  • Eva is actually part of Bel’s rebellion and Bel is now happy that Eva will be giving them the inside scoop. However, Eva is still bitter about Fran’s sacrifice.
  • Now that Orson believes Astrid knew about his relationship with Eloy, he openly kisses Eloy in public and warns him not to get into trouble with Ulises.
  • The “Lilith” symbol was on display in the “Muerte a Astrid” video hack from previous episode and on the glove of the unknown figure who attacked Astrid and Erick.
  •  In San Sebastian, David got attacked and kidnapped by some of the Blue Eden festival crew, presumably because Mayka found the alert about Gabi wearing the wristband in San Sebastian.

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