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Welcome to Eden: Season 2 Announcement & Predictions

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 8 to illustrate recap

Welcome to Eden or Bienvenidos a Edén is a Spanish thriller series created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. The story follows the main character, Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and four others, Aldo (Albert Baró), África (Belinda Peregrín), Charly (Tomás Aguilera) and Ibón, who are invited to an exclusive party in a hidden island called Eden. 

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Welcome to Eden- Season 2 Predictions

With Season 1 of Bienvenidos a Edén ending with a cliffhanger, audiences now could not wait for Season 2 to be dropped. Let’s take a look at some predicted storylines for Season 2 and theorize together.

1. Zoa and Charly could not leave

At the end of Season 1, Zoa saw her sister Gabi getting off the boat to attend the Blue Eden festival. Knowing how protective Zoa is of her “Little Squirrel”, we could expect that Zoa would not be able to leave Eden as she would not want to place her sister in danger. Consequently, this would mean that Charly would not escape alone and Gabi might join Zoa in Eden. Both Ibón and Zoa will also have to hide the accidental murder of Ulises and this might prove difficult for Ibón who is already shaken about what had happened.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 8 to illustrate prediction
On the way swimming to the boat to escape, Zoa saw Gabi get off the boat. Photo: Netflix

2. Zoa would help Bel's rebellion

Considering Bel’s main goal is to help everyone in Eden by rebelling against Astrid, it is likely that this will be a focal point for Season 2, especially with Zoa and potentially Gabi, staying. Zoa and the secret rebellion group who attacked Erick and hacked Mayka would probably come together with Bel. It would be extremely exciting to see who was the one who was behind the hacked video and Erick’s attack. As a theory, it could potentially be characters that we have seen before like Orson or Brenda, as the scene where they “kill” Claudia was left quite vague. But, it could also be some other residents of Eden who we have not been properly introduced to.

3. Eden's main purpose would be revealed

There have been several times in Season 1 where Eden was alluded to existing in order to serve another purpose, especially with regards to Astrid and Erick being together with Isaac. Astrid has also mentioned that Earth would eventually be destroyed by climate change and they are saving people in Eden. Astrid and Erick seems to have a hidden agenda as they did not reveal Isaac’s existence to the people of Eden.

Although Isaac’s identity and full capabilities have yet to be revealed, we believe that it would be the anchor towards building Eden in the first place. Isaac seems to be a gifted kid who can perform stitches and medical treatment. In episode 8, we also saw an antenna ready to send signals into outer space. This potentially is linked towards Astrid and Erick’s global environment cause. However, questions still remain. Who is Isaac? Who built the devices in the top floor of Astrid’s place and the antenna? What was Astrid and Erick’s hidden agenda?

Scene from Welcome to Eden Episode 8 to illustrate prediction for season 2
Young Isaac's identity is still a mystery. Photo: Netflix

When will Season 2 be released?

Netflix has confirmed Season 2 of Welcome to Eden at the end of May 2022. Within the first week, the Spanish series has reached Top 10 in several countries and got viewers hooked.

We can’t wait to see what’s coming next for Season 2.

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